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Datsun 320 Twin Cab Ute

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I've seen the Wasabicars bloke post up on one of these by memeory but it would have to be rare for sure.

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I saw another advertised quite recently - but I can't find it now.


According to this page on the Shannons Club;


"I understand that 1000 were made worldwide. Either 17 or 19 (depending who you talk to) were imported to Aus.  Of these, two have been exported to the UK, some have been destroyed.  Current total is believed to be 11."


This one in Tasmania, with a claimed 31,800 original miles, was advertised for $6,000 in 2011. Bargain!





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Love rat builds, that's was exactly what I thought the first car posted in this thread would be good for. Especially with all that legit 'patina'. Offers street cred yo! :)

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