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180B Coupe Sss - Value In 2015?

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There was sss coupe on gumtree in canberra on the weekend , but I just checked and its gone, was $5000 from memory 7/10 condition.

How do you check past listings on gumtree ?


If you have the link I usually check Google's cache of the page.


To do that simply put the URL into Google's search box and then when you see the URL listed in the search result, there will be a green URL below the heading in blue and a small down arrow next to it, click on the down arrow and you should see a menu item "cached" click on that to see what Google-bot saw when it indexed the URL.


See attached screenshot.


I have other methods also, such as archive.org - but lately I've found it to be flakey.


*Edit archive.org result for a previously indexed pages.. (back in 2007)




It's a used car salesman's worst enemy :)

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 9.23.35 PM.png

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