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260Z 2+2 Bush kit - Help

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Hi guys,


I recently got myself into the Datsun scene and bought a '76 260Z 2+2, and it is in dire need of a new set of Subframe (Moustache Bar) bushes and rear inner control arm bushes. The other bushes look okay, but I would prefer to change them sooner rather than later. I've looked at suppliers in Australia (mainly Whiteline) and they only do the lower control arm bushes.


I had a look at both Prothane and Energy Suspension (US companies) and they both do kits for the S30 chassis, however when I was browsing the Energy Suspension website, it said that the 260Z 2+2 kit was not compatible with the 260Z (2 seater) kit. I looked at the Prothane kits description on eBay and it doesn't say anything about fitment for a 2+2.


1. Can anyone advise me if they are the same or if they are indeed different?

2. Does anyone know of any Aussie suppliers that would do this kit?


Link to the kit: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Prothane-74-78-Datsun-260Z-280Z-Total-Suspension-Bushing-Inserts-Kit-Red-/301015757437?hash=item4615eff27d



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