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Converting a porshe synchro to brass, EASY.......

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Well with all my gearbox dramas i took it upon myself to rebuild my own box, have enough of them lying around.


So long story short, i have a close ratio stuffed gearbox in the car and one spare and a 280zx style box which at some point has been rebuilt.


The main difference, other then the synchroes, is that 1 and 2nd gears on the close ratio are different to the 280zx box. 3, 4 and 5 including reverse is the same across both boxes.


So for those who cant find parts to rebuild steel style synchro boxes, NO PROBLEMS, you can use the 1 and 2nd gear set from the close ratio box and put them into the 280zx box.


HOW do you do so, well easy. Firstly, both boxes need to be seperated etc, cleaned etc. Then you need to press out the steel synchreos from the close ration 1 and 2nd gear set and likewise, press out the bauk rings from the 280 zx 1 and 2nd gear set. Then you simply swap the gear sets and press in the brass syncho bauk rings onto the old 1 and 2nd gear sets.


Remainder of gears can remain as is, it all fits exactly the same and whilst the box is not yet in the car, on the bench, it feeeelllllsss very nice.


All up, cost me $200 fro a full bearing and sunchroes and the layshaft and main shafts nuts.


I will post some pics up soon.


If you need details, PM me.



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So the gearbox has been in the car for two days and wow, ok my old gearbox was really snagged. New box is soooo smooth and nice, rifle bolt feel to every change. No noises or whines and I have the use of all me gears again. If anyone needs further info, pm and I'll help where I can. As I have two more close ratio boxes lying around, im going to do convert these and sell them on if anyone is interested.

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