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Draining the cowl area?

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I was looking to obtain the hoses which drain from the cowl area to the outside near the 'A' pillar and came across this thread.





Are the OEM hoses available?

Has anyone used alternative (radiator) hoses?

Has anyone made the extensions?



In another thread (can't find link now) mention is made of hoses draining the cowl area into the engine bay. I've observed that on many cars but I can't see provision for them on my 3/72 S30. Where they fitted?



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Ages since I'm seen them but I'm pretty sure that the OE drains had a shaped end designed so that the weight of water would open it but other wise it stayed closed. If it didn't then some of the ventilation air from the cowl area would escape. They drain down between the body and the front mudguards.

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