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NDN 2015 scheduled for the Easter Weekend in Warwick Queensland

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Nissan Datsun Nationals Easter 2015


Below are copies of posts regards the upcoming NDN 2015 scheduled for the Easter Weekend in early April. The Event will be held in the lovely Queensland country City of Warwick, with the Show and Shine event in the centre of Warwick and the motor sport events at the great Morgan Park Raceway.




The Nissan Datsun Nationals for 2015 are being organised by the Z Car Club of Queensland, and are scheduled to be run over 3 days from the 3rd to the 5th of April 2015 in the lovely country city of Warwick There are a range of events such as Show and Shine, Super Sprints, Regularity, Bent Sprint and for the socially minded a Mystery Tour. If you are looking for something to do over the Easter Weekend why not come and have a look or better still why not participate. What you need is a vehicle preferably a Nissan or Datsun but not necessary, a CAMS level 2 license, membership to a CAMS affiliated club, helmet and a spirit of adventure. For more information please go to this web address.





Time to lock in some dates next year guys & gals.... NDN15 is going to be a "highlight" for all things Nissan/Datsun! 


Supp Regs & Entry Forms are ready to go out - with one of the "best value" event packages ever for a Nationals event.


With up to 3 days of motorsport events planned at Morgan Park Raceway on various track configurations - this will make ALL the effort of interstate travel worthwhile. 


Other activities planned for show & shine & social tours etc.




Looks like it is going to be a fantastic Easter week-end  , the info and talk with the Just Flags people the other night at the ZCCQ meeting was great, the competition and Show n Shine  side of things looks very well in hand, well done to the organising committee 10/10.


I love the concept of the Bent Sprint, it looks very  and a great idea, along with the Super Sprints and Regularity, and we all get to start playing Friday afternoon.


Anyone disappointed about not having the drags, consider the bent sprint, basically a drag with 4 corners on the new extended section of track. We will all be on cold tyres and brakes 


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Booked. Accomodation also booked, car dropped to spray painters 2 days ago.

Need to organise fresh rubber.

Hopefully this epic journey will be better than the last one I tried to do 4 years ago.


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Great to hear tir33d that your coming up to Warwick, i am sure you will have a fantastic time, and looking forward to meeting you at Easter.


Anyone else thinking about coming along. Entries for the motorsport side of things has been extended until the 15th of March  :) :) :) :) :).


Don't miss out on what is undoubtedly is going to be a fantastic Easter of all things Nissan/Datsun  8). If you don't get in by the 15th of March, in 2 months when you see the photos and videos and hear the stories of just how much fun we are having you will be kicking yourselves for not making the effort to enter.


The NDN15 Organising Committee from the ZCCQ have been working extremely hard to get this event to happen. please checkout http://www.zcarclubq.org.au/ndn-2015-registration-fees/ for all the details





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Undoubtedly..the 3 days of motorsport will be the "highlight" for many :)


Normally we only get a brief 2/3rd's of a day at a "Nationals event" - so this one is offering up something special! 8)


But the event offers something for everyone...Warwick is a great town and fully behind the car enthusiasts and club events ;D


Just google NDN15 ;)


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There are quite a few Datsun enthusiasts out there who are a bit confused at the "offer" and the full costing.

No mentions of how many runs of each f the three track layouts, that are being run twice, per day, with stoppages for setting up each layout.

Many have nfi on what the track looks like, or layout, but just know it is ne of a ABCDEFG etc, to mst that means very little.

Whats with the fee for "non judged "  car show? They can do Banyo twice a year, for no charge?

The evening presentation at $70 per head, what do they get, and what entertainment.


Just sayin' from others talking about this!


A great many are wanting to just drive up for one or the other day, and jst have a look at it all.

They are not into the whole "formal" car club thing, i'm sure you blokes are aware of this and are geing proactive.

Is there an entry fee to spectate, some ask.

The prior presentations to the various groups have got many talking about this, but not that many commiting to it.

Lots of "gunna do its" though!

Should be interesting.

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Hi Jason,

That's not the feedback I have been getting... ???


Anyone confused can email me...my email is on the relevant documentation. :)


Anyone can come up & have a "look" - but why wouldn't you get involved?? 8)


You can pick something that "floats your boat" and be part of something we all have a common interest in ;)

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Its the guys that aren't into the cams club scene, they are aware it exists, but are reluctant or dont understand.

Some no doubt will enquire.

You going to publsh/put out some sort of Spectator guide thing, that can be spread vie social media?

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