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Why you shouldn't buy anything from Edward "Scissorhands" Lee

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And here it is...





They say a Leopard can't change it's spots.


Perhaps he's trying to disassociate his new business name from the old Edward Lees name which has taken a beating over the last 2 years.


Might be time to do a new Search Engine Optimised page for Sun Rise Cars or Rising Sun or whatever the new name is.. ;).



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Just a heads up from J-Spec Imports as it would appear our good friend is trading again under yet another new name which is Sunrise Cars (http://www.sunrisecars.com.au).



"A quick heads up to everyone, be weary as Edward Lees is currently rebranding themselves after all the negative publicity about their recent raids by the Dept of Fair Trading. This is after they just rebranded themselves a few months ago due to declaring themselves insolvent 

They are now setting themselves up as Sunrise Cars (www.sunrisecars. com.au) but it still run by the same people, so beware! A quick Google of "Edward Lees problems" will bring people up to speed who don't know what I'm talking about".


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I drove past there yesterday and it still has the Edward Lees imports placards up, the herd was looking a bit thinner than usual too! I'm sure it will be business as usual soon enough though.

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More proof that Mr Lee's was Playing Mr Baity Mc Bait Bait.
This later PS30 1972 (PS30-10**** ) is now listed at (TAKEEY's) or FAKEEY's.


Their website has it listed also.


and it still has the dorky strut tower vinyl...



PS: Mr Lee's seems to like taking photos of his cars for sale here. If anyone successfully photo bombs him, I'll chip in $30 so you can get a few beers for your effort :).

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