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Calendar Clock Suit S31 / 260Z Or Modify To Suit 240Z

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I have for sale a recently refurbished Calendar Clock. These differ from the earlier Rally Clock in a few ways, the early Rally Clock was made by Jeco (like the original 240z clocks) but these Calendar Clocks were made by CITIZEN. Nicknamed the Calendar clock because of the date function built into the clock face letting you know the day of the month.


It looks virtually identical to the earlier Rally Clock, with the exception of the single knob as opposed to 2 knobs on the front of the clock face. Turn the knob clock wise and the date calendar updates the day. Pull the knob out and turn the knob and you can adjust the time. The other differences are that these do not require an oscillator box to function which can be a failure point of the early clocks. The inner dial also doesn't rotate like the earlier clocks, but it does have the sweep hand motion. Probably the biggest benefit of these is that you can get a very similar clock for a fraction of the price of the earlier rally clocks.


Since these are later clocks they are designed to mount in a 260z dashboard, the wiring plug is also suitable for the 260z style plugs. I decided to keep it that way, but it can be modified to suit a 240z if that's your intended purpose. The clock was restored by Ron at Zclocks.com who did a wonderful job on the 2 rally clocks I had restored and also did a wonderful job on this also as I hope the photos will demonstrate. He can also convert the housing and loom to suit a 240z if that's what you wanted to use it with.


Although the clock was working when sourced, after running for a while there were a couple of issues, so Ron replaced suspected faulty components and it's been running fine since.


These clocks are more common than the Rally Clock, but in actual fact they are quite difficult to come across and seldom come up for sale in this kind of condition.


Asking price is: $650 AUD.


Refer to photos attached.








Photos of another Calendar Clock I had modified to suit a 240z dashboard (not the clock for sale).

NB: Rear mounting bracket and loom differences.




Clock on the right.


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Bump anyone want a Calendar Clock for their 260z?[/quote


Yeah.... But it would have to have a g hidden inside if i was paying that much.

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