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R200 longnose diff seals?

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Anyone know a part number for these?


I ordered a set using the listing for 260z from here: http://www.alliedbearings.com.au/datasheets/nissan/seals-light-commercials


But they came in too small (both OD and ID) for both the pinion and 2 output seals.


I've measured them and came up with

Side seals 55mm x 34-ish (contact area on shaft is 35mm)

Front(pinion) seal 75mm x 39-ish (contact area on shaft is 40mm)


I suspect the parts I actually need are:

400065N (34X55X11)  Part: 34X55R

400087N (40X75X12/17)        Part: PR0260    (no idea what the 12/17 means?  Or if the ID should be slightly smaller than the shaft to ensure it seals against it?)


If anyone could confirm, or supply part numbers, etc it'd be great!

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Unfortunately I'd ended up ordering the ones I noted above before I saw you post - They fit ok, though the side ones were a tad narrow so I had to be careful not to push them too far in.  They're about 2mm narrower than the stockies.  If I did it again I'd get the SW motorsports ones.

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