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cleaning wheels

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Just got my wheels cleaned up at home, I took some pics and stuff I thought I would share it incase if other people would like to have a go.

it's not hard or anything if you have questions ask away.


my wheels were stained I am not sure why, but heaps of cleaning it never got rid of the water stains, and I never liked the colour.



so my cousin helped me with this, he took the wheel off we gave it a clean with soap and water and wiped it down so it's dry and started to mask off the wheel barrel.




gave it a coat of primer that we got from masters, there was only one type and it said it was good for steel and alloy the can costed $7. 1 can was enough for 3 coats for 4 of my wheel centres.





then we gave it 3 coats of this metallic gold colour, at the start it looked really bad.. but the paint completely changed once it was dried up a few hours later


I wanted a matt smooth gold finish but it looked like it was coated in a layer of gold melted cocholate texture, but my cousin who is a pro with rattle can painting said it's fine let it dry up..


i freaked out when it was like this:




close up




but when it all settled down it was like this. it's a flat matt gold, i was happy with the result.



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Looks good, I like gold centres on a Blue car.  :)


Don't think I have ever seen gold centre Wats.


Job well done.





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Good job phillay, looks awesome!  8)


Do you have full size pics of your whole car somewhere? Looks like a beast!


I have the same wheels as you, they are bare or "raw" alloy which are not painted. Some wheel cleaners can stain that kind of finish, it's what I believe happened to mine, and prob yours too. I've been told just wash them with whatever you wash your car with-mild soap, no "wheel cleaners". So I had mine repainted as well, pics courtesy George:




cheers, Mike


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I painted my wats centres with satin enamel black and I clean them with WD-40 for the cleanest finish.  Never harmed the paint or polished lip of the wheel.  I use it on the tyres too when I am feeling OCD.

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Yep, good ol wd40.. Ive cleaned up plenty of bike frames by soaking the frames and 0000 steel wool with wd40.

I like the french blue colour  8)

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i knew you could clean with wd40 but I didn't know it could be used on wheels.

Pro life tip for me  8)


this is a fancy pic of my car




this is a normal pic of my car after a wash




trying to be artsy pic at a workshop when I had some maintenance work done.



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