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Casper the friendly ghost

280zx A/C compressor repair kit

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Hi Mate


Might be worth swinging past the local Auto A/C guy and getting the source of the grinding confirmed, is it the clutch unit or the compressor itself ?


Don't forget that with just about any work on the A/C you will be up for a regas afterwards and for that you will most likely need expert help, could be quicker and more efficient to give them the entire job ?





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Can you post a photo of the compressor and its data plate, I may be able to help to where and what to buy.


You should be able to buy the parts from Cold Drive if they are available. http://ishop.cooldrive.com.au/


The grinding sound is not good. The compressor could be seized or seizing.


Will need to be re-gassed for sure

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Was a bit harder than I thought. Suggest you call Cold Drive and ask if they sell kits for them, not sure how lucky you will be.


I ended up fitting a Unicla compressor (or a more common brand Sanden will do) on my 260 which I assume will also fit a 280ZX but it looks like the ports come out the rear whereas mine out the top



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