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No Bathurst Regularity 2015?

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That's sad news although not entirely unexpected.


We ran all three FOSC Bathurst regularity events and with the car double entered we found them extremely competitor friendly, at the time of entering for 2008 I contacted Charles to see what our chances were of being accepted he said they could fill the grid from Sydney alone but that's not what they were after and welcomed interstate participation but not from inexperienced first timers we had to show our competition history including track times fortunately by then we had run Phillip Island which helped we also shipped the car over early to run at Oran Park so they could see us in action if they chose to.


Initially we intended to only do it once but it was so good that we decided to keep going back for as long as FOSC would accept us and they had a ten year contract on the Easter date but the 2010 event almost didn't happen due to a court action Jellins (the Sprint Bathurst promoter) claiming FOSC were undervaluing the circuit, long live not for profit motorsport.


Those of you who were there will remember that the 2010 event was extended by one day to accommodate a porkers event that we also entered to maximize track time unfortunately the porker people literally took over and the flavor of the event both in the pits and on track changed significantly from friendly fast to aggressive it appeared the porker guys were full on racing and the speed variation we thought was sufficiently dangerous that we packed up early and became spectators.


I feel for you guys who haven't experienced Bathurst at full song but as an experience PI is not all that far behind and as others have said turn one at Eastern Creek is great fun.


Hopefully regularity will return to the mountain at some future date.

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