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? How to wire a 280ZX F/I harness to a 76/260Z igntn set up.

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    Can anyone please help advise me on how to hook up a Series(2) 280ZX wiring harness up to a 76/260Z ignition set up. See pic.


                                                  Thanks in advance: Alan.


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                Realise it's a bit late in posting , however here was my solution to the problem.  


                        (1)   Blue/yellow ECU ignition harness wire connected to Ignition switch Blue/red wire.

                   (2)   Red ECU connected to same Blue/red wire.

                   (3)   Green ECU wire is also connected to Blue/red wire.


                   (4)  Yellow/black ECU wire connects to Black/yellow at igntn wire used for starter motor operation.

                  NB:  The purpose of this B/Y ECU wire is to start for choke function mechanism

                                               Regards : Alan ,       

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