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LAPZ at the LAKE (LAKESIDE QLD) 17 May2014

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There are some very fast Z's signed up for this event .With the likes of Neville M and Lee F (sub 60sec laps)from the last LAPZ event and a number of Z's for the cruise drive first up in the morning. But we have some RX7's throwing down the gauntlet and we need more Nissan's and especially more Z's to hold this lot at bay. We don't want to cancel this event but as a small club(ZCCQ) and with expense for the 2015 Nationals knocking on our door we can not afford a huge lose on this event.Please throw your support behind this event and sign up or give notice of intent here or  email ZCCQ if you have and intrest in this event.

To go over 1 .a single lap dash in pairs (drag race but with corners) 

                  2. practice and regularity till lunch

                  3. sprints

                  4. Champions run of invited (top 8 cars for day) entrants        This is where we want a Z shine.



Happy laps is a(hot) breakfast event with 1/2 hour track time before the LAPZ EVENT. There are no special requirements to have a cruise of the track. Cost $25 per head for breakfast.


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I should be in with my 350z for the day event as i have mentioned previously, just haven't done an entry form yet.

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