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1971 240Z

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I thought I would offer this to you guys first as you have been so helpful over the years :-)


Model: 1971 240Z HS30-00535

Location: Canberra

Required Price and Payment Conditions: Best offer

Item Condition:

Body: originally lime/yellow but has been badly resprayed red over the top.lots of small dings but no major damage.  No major rust.  Floors are original and badly dinged.

Mechanical: not running. left guard, hatch glass and cowl removed but available.

Registration: unregistered, last registered 2003 but has been garaged since.

Engineers Certificate: No, but has a bolt-in half roll cage fitted which will cause problems with getting rego if not removed/certificated.

Extra Info: Has L28 fuel injected fitted with after market (EMS brand) engine management system (really old system from mid-late 90's) (will also cause problems with getting rego).  5 speed box - I was told it was out of a Bluebird. 280ZX star mags fitted with really bad retreaded tyres - they hold air but that is about it.

I have the original L24 engine (disassembled) as well. Various spares including R200 (non-LSD) diff with half shafts and moustache bar. R180 CIG locker diff. couple of fuel tanks. Replacement door and hatch rubber

Selling because I will never get around to getting it running again and I have to fund my divorce lawyer :-)


Contact Details: email edwardsga@gmail.com

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