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240Z Rubber Parts

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I have no affiliation with Steve. Just want to share his work in the hope it might help members locate hard to find parts.




Some nice bits there like the full brake and fuel insulator kits, all sorts of grommets and even some early knobs. He is continually adding new items as he finds parts to use as templates.


Can't speak to the quality of the items as I've not seem them personally.

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Nice find, I particularly like the idea of the repo radio face and knobs. You could fit a modern head unit with MP3 / Bluetooth / whatever while retaining the OEM look.


It's awesome to see this stuff become available. Must be demand for it!

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I recently ordered some stuff from Steve from http://www.240zrubberparts.com/ and I just wanted to post positive feedback for his Hitachi Radio Replica Faceplates and knobs.


Items were well packaged and communication was good. Only negative to report was that it took a few months to get them, but this is understandable as it's a side business for Steve and I was totally fine with the wait.


I ordered 2 faceplates and 3 sets of knobs and trims.




Can you spot the original vs replica's?






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Is the price in US dollars or oz dollars?


Yes so the Faceplates were expensive when converted to Australian dollars, but I am still happy with the products and will definitely order more from him in future.

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