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A Lime 240Z spruce up

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Well time for another update. The last couple of years I have just been enjoying the car with the usual ongoing maintenance.


However I made the mistake a month or so ago of looking through Japanese online auctions, only to find what I have been searching for, for some time now. New old stock Sumitomo MK63 calipers for vented disks, also included in the package was genuine NOS vented disks. I have been keeping my eyes open for Mk63s for some time now, however most that come up look a little worse for wear. With these being NOS along with the genuine disks they were just too enticing to pass up. 


Given they are old and had been sitting around I also purchased new pistons, seals and of course pads, these being Nissan items, you know what they say, "in for a penny in for a pound". I then had a local brake parts workshop strip, blast, reassemble with the new pistons and seals and finally paint.


So armed with all these goodies I then started to look at what was also going to be required for fitment. Firstly the disks, these were for use with 260Z hubs so some fellow members helped me out with their spare hubs. Cleaned up, new bearings, wheel studs and painted they were ready to go. Next the caliper mounting holes. These happen to be 14mm, while the strut mounting bolts are 12mm, also the flange thickness of the MK63 calipers are 7mm thinner than the original z flange. So time to crank the lathe up at work to turn up some bushes and spacers. The original MK63 Nissan Motorsports kit came with new mounting bolts, obviously for this reason. I will have new bolts made from a specialist engineering shop down the track. The backing plates required trimming, easy job, then I had then blasted and powder coated for good measure.Finally I made new hard brake lines between the caliper and strut and had new braided flexible hoses made from strut to chassis.


Aside from having to spend a couple hours on the lathe for the bushes and spacers the fit up was absolutely straight forward, as it should be given they were sold to fit our cars as an upgrade.


With the the standard master cylinder, sleeved a couple of years ago, and rear drums in very good condition I have found a real improvement in the braking, great pedal feel, good initial bite, and a lot less subject to fade than the old twin pots and solid disks, while offering that OEM option look at the same time.


Few pics below.


Cheers, Billy.








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That is fantastic! I know there’s a bunch of other options out there but, I really like the factory option vented disc.

How easy was it to get all the bits and bobs like caliper kit, pistons and pads?

And..... how much did you spend all up?


Great work, love it.

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I'm jelly, would love a set. How do you find the stopping power now?

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Hi Cozza,


Fortunately there were genuine pistons and seal kits available at the time from a couple of suppliers on Yahoo Japan auctions, these were $400. The genuine pads $130. I had to take a gamble on the pads as I was unsure what the compound is, and I still dont, but they offer good initial bite and stood up well tothe bed in process. The calipers and disks, as these were NOS I consider then relatively uncommon, and its safe to say they were substantially more expensive than used Toyota calipers. But as has been the case with a few "sports option" parts on the car it is more about the overall direction I have wanted to go.


Gav, after bedding the disks and pads in the stopping from around 80km/h is very solid with great pedal feel. Quite a modern car feel actually, and offers plenty of confidence. After 8-10 hard stops, 80km/h to say 10km/h, there was no fade. I'm using Bosch BF-600 fluid. I haven't had an opportunity to try 100 plus braking as yet, but obviously will. Controlling brake pressure to just under locking was easy. So overall very happy.

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That all sounds pretty reasonable.

I use my car mostly for supersprints, often hosted at Eastern Creek. Generally I find the original brakes to be quite adequate up to 6 or so quick laps, by then I have quite a soft pedal so have been looking at various brake upgrade options. I like the mk63 option the most for a variety of reasons but mostly because it was an OEM offering.

Please keep us posted on how things go. Particularly if you do any track work with it.



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