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What gearbox am I?

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Hey guys....well I am about to take a step up in the manual conversion process, but before I do I wondered if anyone has an idea if the box I currently have is a standard 260z 5 speed?  I pulled it from my 260z donor car but it had had other mods and I wondered if this was one.  I have included some pics which have some numbers on it (#8-7-2), I would like to know so that I can buy some new parts like clutch and flywheels etc.  I consulted my Zed bible but couldn't find any enlightenment, help if you can.




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Select 1st gear

Mark the 12 o'clock posi on the input shaft and output shaft,

Get a mate to tell you or pay close attention to when the output shaft has turned one full turn, as you count how many times you have turned the input shaft - should be less then 3 full turns (2.9) if its a 260 box.


Much nicer ratio than the 280zx boxes which are floating around everywhere.

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