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bell housing question for auto to manual swap.

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Hi guys,


Just a question about bell housings for auto to manual swaps onto an L28;

I have an auto 280zx and I want to put a manual gearbox in it. My Brother-in-law has an R32 with an RB20 that he wishes to swap out and he's offered me the 'box out of it. Now, there's heaps of info on this swap it's almost overwhelming but I'm still trying to find out (and forgive me if this is a stupid question, but I'm pretty new at this) is will the auto bell housing from my gearbox bolt on to and subsequently allow me to convert my car or will I need to source one from a manual trans? And if it's the latter, where abouts might I find one? I've been looking, but to no avail. :'(


Thanks for your help guys, I really appreciate it.

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You need a manual bell from any L series ( except original Datsun 1600 and early 240Z)


The cluster and ext housing from the rb20 det box will bolt to the L gell, but bell needs modification done to it.


The gearbox crossmember will need altering, either fabricate a 30 mm rearward box to member mount, or, relocate the ears/tabs on the shell rearwards 30mm ( easier to make a L shaped bit of plate with hole drilled, and weld to floor.

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