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CAMS social events

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It now seems clear that CAMS car clubs , when they hold social events such as a day run to have a BBQ .Will now have to make sure that all attending or at least traveling in club cars will have to be members of that club or be a CAMS member. It sounds like anyone else will or could be turned away . How do you police something like that? 

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You don't.

You simply have a group of like mnded people, who happen to agree to participate in something, without the bull crap and red tape.


Just like hundreds of thousands of Aussies do, every year, ie a Birthday party, a Xmas get-together, a card nght, a drive with your mates.


This sort of stuff just turns off people from joining up with a car club that has red tape rules etc.


Welcome to the world wide web of wonderfull!


The stuff that was posted in the xmas bbq run thread, is a prime example!

Formulated and Dictated to all, by a committee.


The Historic Racing Car Club of Qld, does not come up with this stuff, cheap to join, you can get your concessional rego letter ( for Qld'ers,) plenty of social and sporting events, big monthly club meetings, lts of attendees, no bogging down in red tape waffle!

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