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Charlie's rb260Z PROJECT

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So it has been quite a while since my last update..... life is really busy....

but i have been super busy!!! :D the datsun project is really progressing much quicker than my bank account :( and i thought :D


so i have got all my drivetrain powdercoated and all bushings replaced.

painful soughting through the box of bushings and trying to work out what goes where.


once i completed that i took the stub axles for the front and rear and have got k sport adjustable coilovers all round.

they had to cut and weld the tube to the original stub axle.


it works great and the guys at pedders lawnton did a superb job.


the coil overs are 7.5kg all round so ill see how this goes.



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So im sticking with the original r200 open wheeler diff and i am hoping to get a KAZ LSD later down the track.


now that all the suspension has been soughted i have decided to do a bit of work on the body to get it as good as i can to minimize the cost of painting.


we have  stitch welded the chasis rails and have put a coating of POR15 Across the entire underbody and have kept working on the outer shell of the car.


its starting to come together !!!! ;D




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The great thing is i will update weekly because i have already got the car on the ground and is getting the engine installed at the moment so this thing is coming together FAST.


didnt want to overload the thread so quickly so i will space the updates out. ;D

stay tuned!!!!!

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Hey Gareth


yes i thought so as well but because i am using this car for track as well as road the guy at the shop said that this is what he reckons will do the job.

what lb are you running on your car???


i do want a firm setup.

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I'm no expert but it might pay to do some chassis stiffening, you'll get body flex with those rates in a standard shell. I have 340lb front, and I'm about to fit 270lb rears upgraded from 220lb.


Yours looks like a pretty trick setup, heaps of adjustability. Was it exspensive to get them fitted?

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mmm interesting... i did stitch weld the chasis rails but it seems like it may need some more ay??

would a half roll cage and front strut brace help.. im a builder so pretty novice with this kinda stuff.


it was about $1600.00 for supply and the welding etc.

but i have fitted it all myself.


im trying to be hands on as much as possible.


yes there is heaps of height adjustment but i would need some camber plates to get a bit of camber happening but that is later down the track. :D

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The is now re installed and it has seemed to bolt up really well,

now it is time for the brakes!!!


i have decided to go with a full brake upgrade front and rear,

the kit i have purchased is a silver mine motors brake upgrade



the guy has been really helpful and the kit seems like a good basic upgrade for the car.


the big brake kit stage 4 front brakes are 4 pot calipers i think they are off 05-10 for mustang.

in any case if i need new pads i can source them from him or via Australian retailers.

the rear brakes are off a nissan maxima v6

with a aluminium mounting bracket.


the rear kit was pretty easy to install, much like the r31 skyline rear conversion except i have a premade mounting bracket ;D


the front was much more difficult as the mounts where not positioned correctly so there was a bit of grinding and packing to make the calipers sit perfectly over the disc rotors.


all in all i suppose these direct bolt on kits are not always BOLT ON! but i managed and am really pleased with the result. :)

hopefully they work as good as they look !!






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oh i also re packed also replaced all the bearings i nearly fell over when i found out the cost for those suckers.


some more brake photos.




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I couldn't help but purchase some wheels and tyres for the car...


after much thought and working out what i can and cannot afford i have decided to go with the Rota RBX Wheels  17/9.5 -19 offset on the rear and 17/9.0 on the front

the tyres are Achilles semi slick 123 255/35 rear  and 235/45 front.

they look so tough/fat


these wheels look great i know there are a lot of cars around with them but i just really love the look.


and they fit which is a huge bonus.

i just have to adjust the front flares to allow for turning and engine weight. i needed to adjust regardless to make my ultra cool front bar line up perfectly to the flares.

this is coming together and i am loving the way this car looks more and more.


yay off rotisserie.







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So I have now got the car on the ground i am going to start the installation on the engine. i picked up a track r33 skyline and have taken the motor and gearbox out.

this was a great way to save a few $$.

i have salvaged a r32 rb26dett with around 90,000km on it with a rb25 gearbox and also i have kept the r200 diff which has a brand new cusco lsd

and tailshaft as well as wiring loom and a few other bits and pieces.


As i am not a mechanic i have decided to take the car to these guys called ultimate performance in Brendale to complete the installation.

The Manager is a really knowledgeable bloke named Jamie and he is a fiend for old jap classics i think he has 3-5 cars restored, ranging from galant's with evolution motors and ra28 toyota celica liftback's.


Budget will mean that i will  keep the whole thing pretty factory as i want a really reliable car so....

list of things i have purchased and installed so far.

engine mounts from castlemaine hot rods in Vic.

The kit is for a rb30 bottom end soooo.....  it was not a straight fit

i have since had the entire engine bay shaved and any unwanted mounts have been removed to give the car a really clean look.



the timing belt

rear main seal

new n1water pump

new  n1 oil pump 

Oil cooler and relocation kit to keep things cool.

all gaskets and rubber/silicone hoses replaced

front mount intercooler with custom ends to fit straight into the existing air duct holes (perfect for the piping)

3 inch mandrel bent exhaust

custom oil catch can and radiator overflow

custom aluminium radiator to bolt directly into factory mounts. its just thicker with a thermo fan


custom oil pan made by Dryden Motorsports


I found out that the Turbo's where stuffed so i have purchased 2x garret 2860 -5's

and some Tomei Dumps.

all polished aluminium intercooler piping.

im running a EMS ecu for the Rb26 on its own circuit.

defi Guages Throughout

Greddy Profec B spec 11 electronic boost controller


The Fuel System is going to be fairly basic with a surge tank in the rear spare wheel well with a lift pump and a bosch 044 pump to fuel the engine.


here are a few picks of the latest purchases so far and some progress photos to come.











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got the engine all stripped and cleaned up block and manifolds


new turbos Garret 2860 -5's we will wait and see how long the standard internals last with these puppies bolted on

as you can see the custom sum is bolted up i would have likes it a bit larger but this design has been used on his BMW e36 track car and has never been a problem so it willl be fine.





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Nice mate, the z's coming along really well. I love the GTR engine. You will appreciate the power and reliability...

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So the car is finally registered all finished for the moment and just in time for my wedding on the 23/8/2014 it was such a relief getting the car to the wedding.

although it was raining it was a great day.


The build took me just over 15 months which was really quick.

i have the car where i want it to be at the moment and just look forward to driving in and enjoying all the hard work,money and stress that has been put into it.



the final product is beautiful i love this car inside and out and i have got exactly what i wanted as far as looks and power/handling and braking are concerned.


this car is the product of countless hours trolling forums and youtube.

i swear i have watched every youtube video with datsun in it 10 times over.

it is a constant motivation seeing all the progress other guys are making and have done.



The car has  335hp at the wheels at 7400rpm  at 12psi

plenty of room to grow!!


r33 rb26dett engine

r33 rb25det gearbox

r200 diff

kaaz lsd

1 piece tail shaft


castlemaine rod shop engine mounts.


the engine has basic modifications

custom 7litre oil pan from Dryden Motorsports.


Garret 2860 -5 turbo chargers 

Turbo smart Plumb Back Blow off valve

aluminium catch can

pod filters

oil cooler


ems ecu

3inch high flow mandrel bent exhaust

bosch 044 and 2 litre surge tank

defi guages (boost,water,oil pressure)


standard injectors




the car has fully adjustable coil overs from k-sport

custom sway bars front and rear.


4 pot calipers on front with slotted drilled ventilated rotors

2 pot calipers on rear slotted and drilled

rota rbx wheels

achilles 123ss tyres


paint is subaru sti pearlescant white with satin black with a hint of pearl in flares/front bar. looks amazing in sun photos dont do it justice.


interior is completely restored original.

i love the classic look and didnt want loud colors because i think the body of the car speaks for itself.

i wanted a classic aggressive look.



definitely forgotten a lot of stuff but just ask questions and ill have the answer or photos to match.

the photos i have are off a iphone and i hope to have some professional ones coming in the next couple of weeks

and some videos. :D





The Photos im uploading are a steady progression to the finished product.








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