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Perth Track day, 22nd september Sunday

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A Track day date has been set.


We are going to be doing the day at Midvale speed dome on the outdoor road course. We did one last year and i think all will agree it was a brilliant day out.


It will be the 22 September, which is a sunday. this is not grand final day before you ask lol.


It will run from 8am till 4pm, with a lunch, drinks and snacks that i will include as part admission price.


it is $150 per person, and this will be non-refundable, if you commit to the day, your in and you turn up, no questions about it.


The day is limited to 20 people only (plus spectators), 1 driver per car, with long sleeves, helmet, roadworthy LICENSED car as the requirements, similar to the whoop arse wednesday drag requirements. Some people have already signed up, so spots are limited!!!!


If you want in, then you need to add your name to the list and pm me immediately. if you have not paid prior to the day, your spot is not confirmed and you will be able to attend, no payment on the day. Zed owners or friends of z club only, pm me if issues with this or special request.

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1) Jinxed 300zx Paid

2) Whiteknight 300zx Paid

3) Rolsen66 300zx Paid

4) Fugu 300zx Paid

5) Michandy 350z

6) Gibbontamer 300zx

7) Lovemyzed 300zx Paid

8) Monk13 350z

9) Monk13 ? partner

10) Buzz1986 EVo10 paid

11) Ieatpelicans BMW M3 Paid

12) Madmatt 300zx Paid

13) Y350z 350z Paid








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note, this is a club level track day, not full on racing like barbagello or anything like that.


one car at at time, with set courses throughout the day.......i have organised before and it was a good day out.......



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Looks like great fun Ross, but there is no chance my Z will stand up to a track day. Its leaking coolant and I doubt I will be able to fix it in time  :(

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