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Not "quite" racing but all for a good cause

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After prepping my zed a few years back for various areas of sport, have been dormant for some time due to work commitments. Have now resurfaced for a good cause, the 2013 Camp Quality esCarpade.

Have entered the zed as Car240 for the event running from Bundaberg QLD to Wollongong NSW a couple of thousand km's over seven days in October.

The event is raising funds for a very worthwile cause, Camp Quality as well as having a bit of fun along the way.

Check out the route on the website www.escarpade.org.au and if anyone is around the route at all, hope to say hi as we go through.

As I am based in the Illawarra, I have joined up with some other cars locally and we are aiming to raise around $75k between us for the event. We are getting there. The team website is at www.teamillawarra.net 

The plan is to try and post pix and video along the way so hopefully a few updates as we go along.

Also want to express thanks to a number of forum members (RevZed, Zeds4ever, Scoota and PB260Z (the best travelled towbar carrier) along the way for assistance with towbars, rims and delivery services , the car is pretty close to ready and now running down the last 8 or so weeks to go.

More to follow




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I did similar for Variety, The Childrens Charity, over 23 years, raised approx $1,200,000, by approaching as many businesses as pissible, with full credentials from and for the charity in question, and pleaded with them to help me help the children.


You ask them for a cheque, payable to the charity, not made out to you, in that way the registered charity can issue a tax deductible reciept, for the cheque writer.


You can try tin rattling, every Thurs/Fri/Sat night at every local RSL/Leagues/Services/Golf/Bowls club, surprisingly you will raise plenty.

Sausage Sizzles, using donated bread/snags/bbq etc outside Bunnings works too.


It takes a lot of work.

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Definitely doing similar - so far sausage BBQ's at state of origin telecasts, golf days, Christmas in July dinner, trivia nights, LOTs of business/corporate approaches and continuing.

All monies are direct to Camp Quality so full tax deductibility etc., so sounds like the same paths.

Over the last 11 years the team illawarra guys have raised around 700k so aiming to improve/grow each year for a great cause.

Will see how we go.




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