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Lock wire drilling jig - recommendations?

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Wish I had a dollar for every nut or bolt I drilled using these – even for every drill bit I broke! In the aircraft industry we had jigs beautifully, and expensively, made in-house but in the hands of an apprentice even they were somewhat problematic.


The few I see on eBay look a bit cheap and nasty but I wonder if anyone has purchased similar units and how successfully they operated. Thanks.


Safety Lock Wire Drill Guide Bolt Heads Thread NUT Bolt Drill JIG KIT | eBay


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Unless you mill or file a small flat for the drill bit, these cheapy items will go through drill bits.

They do make the job a lot easier, if you need wired stuff, ie sump plugs, oil fill and drains to diff and box etc.


Some get a bit carried away safety wiring the body panels held on every two inches on Bugatti Tipo35 ( mr A Telfer!- agenuine Tipo35 owner here in Qld ! )

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