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Tripz 1977 260z 2+2

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I will put the arita kit back on over the weekend and get some measurements. In regards to wheels that I am running I decided against 15x10 on the front but just waiting on my Work CR01's to arrive from Japan (Ordered through the always trustworthy Import Monky: http://www.importmonky.com) in the following specs 15x9 -41 and 15x10 -53 in the T-Disc (big brake clearance).

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How far do the gaurds from the Arita kit stick out from the body?!  :o



Hey Neuby, I got to do some more work on the car today so got some better holding tape so I could sit the flairs on both front and rear and get a rough measurement to see how Works CR01s will go when they arrive from Japan. All measurements are taken from the original lip face to the flair lip at roughly top centre of the arch giving me around 5.5cm extra in the front and 9.5cm extra in the rear. 


Here is some pictures.








Overall image:


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