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Fairlady Z

180SX TypeX SpecR project soon to be daily ITS ALIVE!!

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Yep one of those mini projects again.


Have a nice SR20DET and 6spd manual sitting with no serious offers besides lowballers which my response was get nicked.


So have this awesome engine in car im wrecking what do i do?


Oh buy another car an transfer everything over.


So got a rps13 180sx sr20det manual with a canary on windscreen for a price better than a rusty 2+2.








So why would i swap an sr20 for an sr20?


This why




So out it comes.





Plan is to update it to type X outside with s15 under the skin.

So to look similar to this





Now strip the engine bay and clean and repaint the tunnel.







Engine bay painted




Assembly of s15 cross member, control arms, power steer 5stud hubs and 4 pot calipers.





Clutch and brake booster also from s15 have migrated over.



Abs also from s15





S15 hub and brake upgrade s13 nismo tc rods and tc brackets




Engine ready to be installed





Engine and 6spd manual installed





Most stuff was bolt in but not as sime as it looked.


Brake booster is bigger and firewall had to be grinded to larger diameter to fit.


Abs sensor studs were present but holes for grommet had to be cut out.


Abs lines were incorrect and had to be reshaped to suit. S15 abs module bracket different to s13 so extra holes had to be drilled on upper section.


Also this is not adapting s13 wiring to s15 engine which is easier plug and play.  I wanted to retain the s15 ecu and abs control so im basicaly adapting entire s15 wiring to 180sx bit harder. Adapting s15 wiring to operate the pop

Up lights, rear wiper, 180sx cluster and s13 ac digital ac control. Also adding airbag system so extra wiring for that will be incorporated.


Next is to swap the rear end possibly whole s15 cradle with 180sx control arms s15 rear 5 stud hubs and brakes and s15 helical lsd diff that has the abs sensor needed for abs to work properly.


After that body work will start.


Genuine full type x kit has been bought and will be added to the car.

Roof will be gloss black with black roof wing.

The rest will be painted original KG2 gray metalic and will most probably ait on Rays engineering 17" lm gt2 or 18" gt3 pending which one suit it better.


Though few days break on it as few days will be spent on my 240zg project. Almost finished making the 240z body trolley so i can manuver the car around while the front rails going to be installed. More on that on its own thread later.




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Phwoar looks pretty tidy.


Funny how many people on the silvia forums spend 6 months trying to do a job like this and it looks half as good. And that's just engine bay.



What'll be happening to the old and holey SR20 gear?

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Phwoar looks pretty tidy.


Funny how many people on the silvia forums spend 6 months trying to do a job like this and it looks half as good. And that's just engine bay.



What'll be happening to the old and holey SR20 gear?


Thanks Ryan, yeah wouldnt know about NS forum. Even owning at least one in last 14years still not tempted to join.

One day maybe.


Holey sr20 sitting lonely on side of my workshop. Got most bits to get ur NA as a Det. Including bigger brakes so its all legal. Do a deal with you if interested.


It's Embarassing how quick you get this stuff done!

Looking good, as usual.


Cheers Simon, that was all done after the return from PI so roughly 5days. Rip both engines out respray one engine bay detailing all the parts before fitting.

With some z work and shoping around for parts.


Hopefully all gets done mid next month.


Cheers Gav, its not as time consuming as it fairly easy work. No rust to deal with just dents and shonky previous attempts of repairs. Lucky this one is fairly innocent.

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Good use of the bits you had, looks like it will end up being a nice and clean car. Good work making the rest of our progress look slow too.


I completely know what you mean about the low ballers associated with these otherwise awesome vehicles. I have a couple of bits lying around and I can't even be bothered advertising them on silvia sites...


Out of curiosity, are you putting the s15 interior into it?

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Holey sr20 sitting lonely on side of my workshop. Got most bits to get ur NA as a Det. Including bigger brakes so its all legal. Do a deal with you if interested.


We'll see hey, that's what I was thinking. I've got 32 brakes on anyway but the stuff to go DE+T would be interested (or maybe whole motor to get oil-squirters out of the DET etc), in a little while once the Z at least has an engine in there. Let me know if you're going to try get rid of it urgently and I might try find some space to hoard parts for later. T28?




Also think S15 rear cradle needs to go in if you want a functional speedo?

as zedevan said, s15 dash would suit it, since the s13 one is bound to have cracks... But then the door trims look stupid when closed.

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Depending on what power output your going for you should use the 5 speed. I went through quite a few 6 speeds on my old 180sx. And went back to 5 speed and it held together. Then again i had 290rwkw and a twin plate clutch.


Side by side on a bench the s15 gears and shafts were piddly.

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Thanks guys,


Ryan, gearbox will be aold as a conversion package or end up in my 240z still deciding. Need to recoup some money back from the 180 and s15.

Got everything for ur conversion besides turbo never got it with the car. But do have manifold. Ill pull the head and see if any damage but not in rush offloading it (well  till it gets in my way which wont be too long)


Evan interrior only the front seats will go in and rears retrimmed to match. Also carpet from s15 will go in too. Rest no.


No not doing dash conversion still want it to be 180sx not a s15 patch work. Got a uncracked dash so no need for it.


Also got nismo 260kmh speedo cluster to get rid of the silly 180kmh one. I just hate those jdm speedos.


As for gearbox. Not after big power it will have just cooler exhaus filter and boost raised via avcr.


So not a thrash car just a nice cruiser. Missus will be driving it till its fate is decided. Enjoy it for few months and we see.


Still want to get an s15 jap spec aero so 180 will most probably be sold end of the year to fund that or another project from japan.



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Lucky this one is fairly innocent.


I was going to say, looks fairly tidy and original. Is that the original steering wheel I spy? Type X look is the way to go. Factory but best looking kit for the 180sx.

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Yeah probably not worth joining the Silvia forums, it has slowly gone downhill over the last 10 years, the parts and sales section is useless on there too. I was once upon a time able to part out a whole wreck in about 2 weeks, not anymore.


Smart move not to bother putting the S15 dash in, i know its not a bolt in conversion, and you either need to trim the dash, or the door cards, and its a PITA to get it all working and looking right.


Personally i don't mind the 6 speed, mine has 170 000km's on the clock behind 250kw at the wheels for the last 3 years and ive had no issues.


I suggest getting a fuel pump upgrade even with just the boost increase for peace of mind, even if its only wound up to 14psi. Now days the pumps are getting abit long in the tooth, even in a 180sx, and ive had a pump die and lean out a SR, not fun at all.



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bit of a pause. mate.


had to re-arrange few cars around....


had to bring my ZG project 240z inside the workshop as its been long enough outside, weather is getting worse and tarp is not a really good shelter. . now that that's inside and workshop half tidied up. ive moved the s15 to rip its rear end off and make its way to the 180sx. progress will be happening this weekend.


besides that also finilising the intercooler setup and type x front bar. Need to get the running gear in asap and get it running. than body work/paint .Out of the shed and than rework the wiring and interior. lots of work. but hopefully be all nice.


Wrecking and selling parts is almost demanding full time. would be easier if you don't deal with dreamers and time wasters. comes with the territory i guess owning a silvia/SX these days.


if everyone rocked up as they said or bought parts as they said the car would have been long gone. You spend 20min agreeing on price time of pick up .On the day .........................................(crickets chirping) not even a sms saying sorry mate: broke, cant make it, my car, parrot,dog, ant died, i found it elsewhere, don't need it etc......... just plain rude.






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ok this will start again at warp speed.


had been flat out wrecking the s15 and sorting few things around house. my phone decided to crap itself dodgy baterry waiting for replacment and back up phone has a camera as good as a 500BC stone. so pics will be coming up by begining of next week.


my daily rx7 had died and will be quicker finishing 180sx off than rebuilding a 12A myself (will take time as never done it before)  or conversion to 13b turbo. if im gona spend 4k to pay someone for a rebuild of 12A i rather drop in for same money 13B turbo. and get the little red beast FLYING. 


ok back to 180sx


interior and cracked dash is out. all the wiring. half way through re-installing the s15 wiring. indicators and airbag stering colum has been converted to run S15 gear. Once the main wiring is in will wire the engine and give it a start before modifying the s15 wiring to suit S13. Just want to hear the engine run and get the car moving on its own again. Also check if all the wiring is working again before modifications.


Most items from japan have arrived. still some items are in the waiting but wont affect the current job at hand.


so need this finished asap.



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Ok spent few hrs on the 180 this weekend. Still slow progress. Spent few good hours sorting out the s15 loom inside a 180sx. Mounted the main cabin fuse box and junction box. Looks good as if mr nissan did it himself.


No pics bad light so will take one when car is out.


Installed the fg xr6 intercooler that i was going to install in my zg but decided to use the huge one that was in 180 for my zg.


The fg one is good no extra holes or trimming required. More bolt up than bolt up aftermarket kits.

End tank pipes slope away from the rails so no trimming of rails required either.




No trimming to the exy genuine type x front bar either yay





Next was dummy fitting the intercooler pipes. A collection of s13,z32 and god know of what car blitz aftermarket intercooler pipes.


Was going to sandblast them to replicate the raw manifold texture but considering now wrinkle paint in black. Jsu to get rid of few alloy shiny bits. The factory type x strut bar and arc air box is enough of engine bling.







As new black silicon hoses are on order before i can tick it of the list i thought i try out see how the 18" lmgt3 nismo wheels fit


Ignore the monster truck ride height its on s15 stock suspension. I will reduce the gap once roadworthy is done by few kms hahahah




Ps hope there no discriminatory boxes in background lol didn't check still havent sorted that side of the shed yet.



Now lets see how far they stick out. Hmmm damn close looks like i got the strut top on different position on right wheel showing lot more +camber. With lowering and camber adjust and posibly next size wheel down 215 it be just right.




After that decided to rip rear cradles out of both 180 and s15

Silly nissan to make my life bit harder the spacing of front mounts on the s15 is 5mm wider. So looks like i need to get some offset cradle bushes.


But before cradle goes in replacing the handbrake linkages from s15 and cleaning detailing under car first give it few coats of new paint and than refit the cradle. Hope goes smooth but dont like my chances.





Got temporarly 2 lamps fitted to workshop on extension lead so at leadt got some usable light in the workshop to put in few hrs after work. As i have no daily drive this is priority one now to get it on road asap. But not rushing things need to be done properly




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As usual the site dedicated to these cars was as usefull as life boat with a big hole in it.


Anyway few thing to know when doing similar thing.


1. Not worth it just keep the s13 cradle and swap the diff covers to suit. Than swap the hubs and driveshaft to suit.


2. But for whatever reason you want to do it, it can be done. I decided to go as i couldn't be stuffed swapping hubs diff covers or driveshaft probably taken me just as long. also bushings on s13 cradle were cactus replacement cost $200 plus for hard aftermarket ones which kill drivability. stock ones are almost $200 a piece. if still interested Here some things to know before hand.


• S15 into rps13 or s13 will go in. Mounting points are same give or take 2mm but mine went in easy.

• S14/S15 tailshafts does NOT go into s13. center bearing is on opposite side of uni joint. So wont bolt up.

• S13 tailshaft fit s15 6spd find out tomorrow?????? unknown at this stage

• s15 cradle support brackets front ones do not fit just sell it or use as scrap.

• s13 cradle support brackets front do not fit either.s15 cradle chunkier. needs modifying

• s15 rear caliper are slightly bigger pistons. hand brake cable don't suit s13.Need to use s13 bits

• s15 rear cradle brace don't fit to long needs shortening to clear fuel tank

• s15 caliper hose too short need to use s13 ones

• s13 handbrake cables too long. cable tie fixes that problem so don't rub on driveshaft

• with s15 cradle suspension track is 10mm or so wider may limit offset wheels etc. but my 18x8 Nismos fit almost flush with outer guard how I wanted it.

• need to use s13 upper camber adjust control arm. S15 strut position lot more backwards. On s13 strut hits s15 arm. S13 arm is Interchangeable same length and sort out the strut issue.


Now to expand and how to overcome the issues


Rear s15 brace just needed shortening in to clear the fuel tank and fuel tank strap

Cut and shut rear brace. Still not painted




Front mount cradle support brackets. I used the s13 one cut the reinforcing folds and re bent it to suit new cradle. Welded the support fold up and braced it with 4mm flat bar to give extra stiffness. This inturn made the bracket sit slightly shorter of the chassis rail  by 10mm so i stacked some thick washers and welded the in place.


Could have just used 4 or 5mm thick plate and bent it in right shape.

As car needs to go through government owned roadworthy inspection lot stricter than what most of u guys are used to in eastern states wanted to retain the original look.




That sorts those issues.


Now rear calipers s15 as mentioned before have slightly larger pistons also they are 10yrs newer so wanted to swap the over. Different handbrake cable hook up couldn't be just replace. Couldn't use 15 handbrake cable as length of mounting points is different so had to stick with s13 cables


So what I did is swap the handbrake linkages brackets and spring.

The handbrake bracket of s13 didn't fit as different mounting orientation. S15 fails on the driveshaft. So brilliant idea came to me to swap the two bracket from s15 from left to right. Needed slight grinding to clear the caliber casting but finally it was pointing in right direction. After swapping the linkage and spring all went together quite well.


S13 vs modified s15 that will bolt up s13 cable. Use s13 hoses as s15 are 20mm too short.




Before all went in under floor was all cleaned and resprayed too rewind the 21years of road grime and dirt to new car look.





The rest ill update when i take good pics. was getting dark and flash photos look like crap. but it does look cool all nice and shiny.


handbrake works perfect, wheels sit perfect not bad pretty much just went head first and hope for the best.


just hope s13 tailshaft suit 6spd gearbox otherwise expensive mods to make a compatible tailshaft.


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Progress looks awesome.


I'm quite sure an auto S13 tailshaft suits the 6spd in an S13. Not 100% if it'll suit 6spd in s13 w/ s15 rear end, but I have one here you're welcome to try.

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Thanks Ryan,


Yeah diff is in same position as s13 and flange Is same so no issues on diff side. Just gearbox if manual shaft will fit 6spd. But Auto be interesting.


Cheap as and heaps around. I guess i find out on wednesday when i visit an importer and compare. I know the auto shafts are shorter so need to keep that in Mind.



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Big fan of the LMGT3's as I have a set sitting on my R32 GTS-T that came off an S15. Which lug nuts you running?  I ended up getting the Nismo ones as 19mm lug nuts dont work (EG Rays). What width are yours? Sadly mine are 17x7 and 17x8.


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Yeah im a sucker for nismo gear. Cannot beat the quality.

Yours are bit better nick than mine. Lug nuts using whatever came with wheels.


Mine are 18x8 all around with wierd offset 34 or something like it got a feeling it was of a stagea or maxima fwd style car. Running 4mm slip on spacer at front to clear calipers at rear seems good for the 180. On s15 s14 they sit too far in.


Well tonight im trying out the tailshaft. Got a 1k waiger if will work or not. Ryan u better be right.


Got auto 180sx tailshaft with and without abs. If i have to shorten it i loose 1k if dont i win 1k.

Cannot wait to get home and try it out.


Also my black silicone intercooler hoses have arrived woohoo. Gona be busy.


So black pipes or raw alloy blasted for rough texture??



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1. DO Not believe anything you read on NS website.

2. DO Not listen to Ryan.  :P




auto ABS shaft may suit non ABS diff  (Ryan is half correct) but s15 ABS diff and cradle and 6spd kinda fit but no room. 0 movement.


Yes auto front half will go into the 6SPD gearbox once dust cap is knocked off. rear is still too long even with shortest of the lot the auto abs tailshaft which is hard to find.


SO shorten the tailshaft or move the gearbox and motor by 10-15mm forward.


anyway getting it shortened by 10-15mm be back on monday. cannot be bothered taking mount brackets off and re-drilling them 10-15 offset.  so driveline another pause. time to tackle the wiring and intercooler.


shh bout the wager  :-[ :-[



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Spewing. I guess the myth is alive because it barely fits? So all the NS bandits say it's fine and 'fits perfectly'...


Ah well... Guess I owe you 1k then :(

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Why can't you just cut, weld and balance tail shaft?


Simon thats exactly what im doing well adelaide tailshaft service is.droped it off today.


Ryan yeah i could have bolted it up but no movement between diff and gearbox. Didnt realy feel like damaging a 1k gearbox or $500 worth of mounts for sake of $175 to shorten and rebalance. Better be safe than sorry.

Wager was just bit of fun. I guess from now on i got to believe a guy with experience  vs  numnuts at NS site where 98% have no freaking idea.


Though idea may work using 6spd and non abs diff with auto 180sx shaft abs version.

But cannot prove it for sure.



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