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240ZG G-Nose Original and Copy Comparison

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I'm not playing games or trying to upset people. It's just that - no matter HOW many times I've tried to lead the horses to water - people STILL don't seem to be able to talk about these things without getting all confused. I've found myself trying to undo years worth of bad information ( like the guy who was convinced that the factory G-nose was actually made from aluminium, and had somebody's say-so to 'back it up'  ::) ) and I'm sure I must sound like a stuck record, but it's actually ALL VERY SIMPLE....!


*The lower panels of the Factory G-noses were all made from FRP ( yes, 'Fibre Reinforced Plastic' or fibreglass as we know it ) with a woven cloth 'roving'. They were not made from chopped strand. The headlamp cowls / sugar scoops and the bonnet 'filler' top panel were actually made from pressure-moulded ABS. Those original headlamp cowls were thick, and very heavy!

The bumper was made from expanded urethane foam with a 'skin' on it, and was designed to have a little 'give' in it, as a concession to pedestrian safety. If you pushed your finger into a new one, it had a kind of rubbery texture to it. The bumper had steel brackets moulded into it, to aid mounting. Most replicas / copies use a fibreglass moulded version of the bumper, so that's an easy was to tell the difference. However, the factory urethane bumpers on original ZGs were prone to sun damage ( they dried out and curled up ) so you sometimes see FRP copies on original factory-built ZGs.


*The ducts seen on the radiator opening on many G-noses were not seen on the very first factory models. They were added to production models and subsequently-supplied factory spare parts mid-way into production ( somewhere around early 1972 ) in an attempt to help cooling issues on aircon-equipped cars. It was found that when running at certain speeds the air going into the radiator area would 'stall', and poor cooling and aircon performance would result. I don't care who says so, they are not brake scoops and they are not air scoops for carb induction! They were made from fabricated FRP sections that were attached to the lower panel of the G-nose. So there are 'Zenki' and 'Kouki' versions of the factory G-nose, and the difference is the ducts.


*The factory parts were made really well for the period. I had a guy who works in motorsports composites look at a factory lower panel for me ( with a view to some repairs ) and he was amazed that it was built in 1971. He said he'd have a hard time replicating the quality of the original build even today. OEM manufacturer for Nissan was a company called 'Kotobuki', and they did a great job. However, they were EXPENSIVE as spare parts / Sports Option parts in Japan, and that's why so many replicas / copies / copies of copies and knockoffs of copies of copies have been seen over the years. The GENUINE factory parts are quite distinctive though, and once you've seen them with your own eyes it's easy to understand the difference.


*BEST replicas ( by a country mile ) are made by Marugen Shokai in Hokkaido, Japan. They even make accurate replicas of the factory urethane bumpers these days. Marugen Shokai is pretty much a one man band artisan operation, and I'm a big fan. Not cheap, but you do at least have several options as to grade and pricing. If the Marugen Shokai parts don't fit a car properly, it's probably the car itself that's not true.



I've posted pictures of the OEM parts umpteen times over the years ( mainly on classiczcars.com ) but I'll see if I can dig a few out for this thread. Bear with me.....       

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Thanks Alan now i know what to look for.

Im not after a genine item but at least a replica that is close.

Also i never claimed this is a genuine zg. Its an aus spec 240z to look like zg.

I guess title is bit decieving. Ill sort it out.


Gav yeah that one is damn nice. So tempted to go rb26 route. That one even has r32 climate on it which looks good.

As this will be my daily for some time it needs a/c.


No idea. Want L want RB and only one car lol.

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Who than?  :o


No one else complained.  ;D


All good mate don't wanna upset you or give false impressions to someone else.


Again thanks for the pics and info regarding g-noses.


If i ever can get my hands on genuine hs30h 240zg i know what to look for besides checking vin numbers with nissan.







It's not me that you need to worry about......  ;)

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