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Gearbox mount options

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Hi Guys,


Anyone out there know what are the options with the gear box mount/bushing?


I've gone from an aftermarket with the rubber bits crumbling away to the stock mount and it's just not cutting it. drive train feels too jellow for my driving style.




I'm told the aftermarket option is no longer available. Don't get me started on the stock engine mounts.



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There is an energy suspension captive gearbox mount that fits to the gearbox - but you will need to make a new x-member to hold it - they are made from urethane so should be stiffer than the stock item + is captive if they do fail.


This is the one I am talking about - its the GM trans mount.


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WHAT is that blue crap? Silicone?

Homemade two part polyurethane cannot be made stable enough.

60 Durometer hardness is NEW standard rubber mount stiffness

80-90 Durometer hardness is Competition mount stiffness.

Polyurethane is hydroscopic, it attracts moisture and degrades, crumbles and collapses, over time.


There is a factory here in Qld, i know of that can rebond rubber engine and gearbox/diff mounts in rubber, at variuos Durometer compounds.

Not cheap, but it works and it is rubber, not poly.

Approx cost, depends on complexity from $90 each


I have had the engine mounts in a number of cars done, no issue with sagging or tearing.

He is a crusty old guy who does not put up with random uncertain vague enquiries about can yo do this, how much is that etc etc.

You just give it to him, and pay what he says when you pick it up.

If thats not OK, then, try to track down original Nissan Factory mounts, at 3 times normal cost!

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change engine mounts to your upgraded option first.

gearbox mount is ONLY there to support dead weight, not twist.

First thtings first Buddy!



+1 my motor mounts and gbox mounts were stuffed. Made captive engine mounts and the gbox mount is no longer an issue anymore, but I will fit a new OEM type shortly.


The newer oem style mounts are garbage, nowhere near the quality of the originals and I've gone through many sets. If your sticking with factory style do as Jason says and get real NOS nissan or get them re-bonded by his recommended guy.

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