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  1. Post-Ironic

    Zed Heads dream Z build.

    Very nice colour combination! Looks like you've got some exciting times ahead. Do you have an end goal for the car in regards to exterior aesthetics to go along with the 3.2 stroker?
  2. Post-Ironic

    NAPA Auto superstore Zed day

    Might come by before work and check this out, looks interesting
  3. Post-Ironic

    Must Watch Automotive Program Thread.

    Albo is an absolutely top bloke, have spoken to him a few times. Really recommend checking out his other videos as well - gives a real insight into the history of Japanese street racing.
  4. Post-Ironic

    S30 rear hatch hinge cover seal

    Cheers Gav, will send him a message!
  5. Post-Ironic

    S30 rear hatch hinge cover seal

    Hey guys, apologies if this is in the wrong sub-forum - I've just found that one or my hinge covers has ceased to exist. I know that The Z Store keep a reproduction kit in stock, however, I was wondering if there was anyone in Aus that sold them? If anyone had a pair lying around in good condition that they'd be up for selling, that'd do the job as well! Cheers! Repro kit: https://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/34-2236
  6. Post-Ironic

    Over the KW limit

    2005 models and before technically comply (assuming zero engine modifications), however, it's really not worth the amount of money you'd have to pay in insurance, let alone the added police attention. The moment you start playing around with the car or modifying it you're about as screwed as an Ikea flat-pack pantry. No insurance company will want to touch you in a Z33 with a 10-foot pole unless you're throwing money at them. Insurance as a secondary driver works, but expect the premium to go through the roof for the poor chap acting as primary driver (plus you'll miss out on the chance to get 3 years of insurance history on your side when you get off P's). I went through this whole dance about two years ago before deciding it wasn't worth it - too much money and hassle just to drive a Z33. In my opinion you'd be best off finding something else to daily on your P's - 86s are similar price these days and you'll be able to do a heck of a lot more with them within P-plate legality. Smaller hatchbacks will honestly give you just as much of a fun drive at an absolute fraction of the cost provided you shell out for a decent suspension set-up and tyres + save the inevitable speeding ticket from being too debt-inducing. But hey - each to their own. Buy it and have a proper good mang but don't be surprised when you get targeted or rack up a uni-degree's worth of debt. Z33's are solid cars, especially if you put them on a bit of a diet. No clue what Lurch said but it was probably right (in a Lurch kind of way).
  7. Post-Ironic

    MZR Datsun 240z Coupes

    Have seen a few videos on the Sport-Design, really nice fit and finish from what I can see. Price is a bit ambitious for what you're getting in my opinion, did a quick conversion for their 2.9L Sport-Design - $155,000 AUD! That'd be before delivery fees and shipping. Don't want to even think about what they'd ask for a stroker. Do wish them best of luck though, I'm sure there's a market for boutique Fairladys. Plus this likely will lead to more companies producing nice bits for our Z's.
  8. Post-Ironic

    Ambitious but rubbish in Brisbane

    I've seen that figure thrown about a bit - likely relating to the extremely early build numbers with thinner sheet metal. Might be completely wrong though. Would have to ask someone like Gav for more info. If mine weighed 1070kg dry I'll be under the 1000kg dry mark relatively easily.
  9. Post-Ironic

    Ambitious but rubbish in Brisbane

    Cheers for the warm welcome guys! @PZG302 I'm located down south of Brisbane in the Redlands - have worked at most stores in South Brisbane though. Our computers are a special sort of useless - go in and ask for an air filter for a flat head Ford or headlights for a mid 2000s Rodeo if you want to sit around for 15 minutes before being told they don't exist. Or the classic radiator coolant for a Beetle. Actually met a fellow with a 280ZX out at Wynumn about 2 months ago + a younger guy with a 260Z in Viccy Point. Always perks my attention when someone mentions old Nissan sports cars or Zs. A stroked L series is definitely something I'll look at in future; but I have to get this car finished first! @peter t Redlands as mentioned just above! On a side note: I'm looking to get the shell painted as soon as I've done the underbody deadener for the 240 but wasn't sure what forum would best fit Brisbane painter suggestions? Had a preferred painter down my way but they've been less than positive to deal with thus far.
  10. Post-Ironic


    In a similar position regarding injection for a high-comp, non-stoker L28 - has anyone here had experience with Injection Perfection in NSW? I'd gotten quite a reasonable quote from them a few months ago, however, the 48mm throttle sizing is ringing as a bit too large for a non-stroker + I'm convinced that I've seen this particular kit somewhere else. IP: http://www.injectionperfection.com.au/product/6-cylinder-fuel-injection-kit/ Would be awesome to pick up an EFI Hardware kit, but I can't justify dropping $7k~ on injection for an engine that might not necessarily benefit from that extra bit of specialness. If anyone here was after a serious piece of kit - Rising Performance in Japan also custom make kits for L series engines: http://rising-web.jp/03works/03works_frame.html Google translate is giving me a strangely low price estimate for a full kit, however. Could be an option.
  11. Post-Ironic

    Ambitious but rubbish in Brisbane

    Here are some pictures of her - not much to look at right now as the car is entirely nude. I have the original compliance plate and a manufacturer ID plate, however, I'm pretty certain the ID plate itself is a reproduction as it has HLS30-00654 rather than the HS30-00654 stamped onto the firewall (also is in comparatively brilliant condition). I'll get some more fresh, clear pictures when I get home from work!
  12. After 5 years of lurking these forums and doing the equivalent of nothing on my Z, I've decided to make an account. Skip to the very end if you want a "too long; didn't read" summary. A bit about me I'm a 20 year old student located south of Brisbane that lucked into buying a 1971 240z (HS-00654) 7 years ago as a joint project with my father. I study full-time and work part-time at the auto retail store that will fit floor mats for free; having a classic project car was the logical choice to achieving financial ruin. As much as I'd like to say otherwise, I'm not very experienced mechanically; I can service a car, do some engine work and know a bit of the theory but certainly haven't done a full restoration. Have really only dug deeper into the technical side of this in the last few years. I raced karts for about 5 years before outside factors forced me to stop. I go to the occasional autocross event, but my work schedule means I miss most weekend events. I've visited a few neat places over the years - Nismo Omori, Star Road, Daikokufuto, the Nurburgring and Summernats and have kept pretty up-to-date with most things JDM. I've got a bunch of other interests including Japanese pop-culture, literature and sewing. I've previously designed stickers and t-shirts for a few online vendors, mostly via vector art. As for the display name - I had no better ideas and settled on a terrible play on words. Sorry. The Z Sadly don't have many pictures of my Z, so I'll write a bit about it while I chase them up. The previous owner (name eludes me) was from Victoria and looking to prep the car for Targa Tasmania, however, stuff happened and I ended up with a shipping container full of Z bits in my front yard. HS-00654 was battered but not beyond salvageable, with minimal rust in the usual spots bar the floors pans. My father and I chose to go down the full rotisserie restoration path, getting the body tidied up and prepped for paint by a local body specialist. Sourced fibreglass panels through Otomoto for weight reduction - aiming for a sub 1 tonne Z. The car came with two engines - an L24 and an L28. We decided to rebuild the 2.8, settling with an N/A F54/N42 combo, 11:1ish compression. Intention is to go EFI with 45mm ITBs running through a Haltech Elite 750 (lack of knock sensor input is making me consider alternatives). Not really aiming for big power numbers, more a solid engine with excellent response. An LCR engine is the dream, but until then I'm pretty content with what I've got. Suspension, brakes, interior trim and all of those fun bits were sorted out as well, however, family events put the project on hold for the last 5 years. Sadly my father has moved back to working on his own project, so I'm treading unknown ground now. I finish my degree next year and am pushing myself to get this Z on the road; this car has become symbolic of a lot of things to me. The ultimate vision is to have a responsive, tight drivers car that can hang with modern sports cars around a circuit, whilst still being street-able. I will likely make a few posts in the sales page - if you want a full set of "D" hubcaps in good condition or have an overwhelming desire to race a go-kart amongst other things, send me a message. Future plans are as follows: - Get the Z painted - Get ITB kit that's actually decent - Finalise brake conversion - Finish exhaust system - Re-upholster / refinish interior (seats + dash) - Get some decent rims and rubber - Not cut the guards - Put everything together and not crash it immediately The end? That post went on for way too long; sorry guys. If you actually read all of that you deserve some sort of a medal. The Z community has always stood out as something pretty incredible and I'd love to be a more active member of it. tl;dr: 20 y/o in Brisbane with Z project, will make a build thread, ambitious but rubbish