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  1. Post-Ironic

    AT Power ITBs

    That's a really neat set-up you've got there, especially the intake manifold itself - any more details re:pricing and the like? Price was the main reason for me not purchasing an EFI Hardware kit; they were practically twice that of every other option. Have been speaking to the guys at AT Power a bit more and Ben reckons their 45s flow more than traditional 50s. At the very least these are sounding like an extremely well priced alternative to the OERs and Jenveys. Suffice to say I'm learning a lot. Still following up, if anyone has questions post them up and I'll pass them on!
  2. Post-Ironic

    AT Power ITBs

    How's it going all, I've recently been enquiring around regarding different injection options for our L6 engines and came across a UK-based company called AT Power. They've developed what they call a "shaftless throttle body". I was pretty intrigued and decided to message them a bit further and ended up finding out that they'd be capable of putting together a kit to suit our engines. https://www.atpower.com/products/dcoe-6-cylinder Having spoken to Ben at AT Power, these throttle bodies allow considerably smaller throttle bodies than traditional designs, leading to better air speed with the same amount of flow (something like flow obstruction of 0.5% vs 10% on a traditional style throttle body). Seemed like a really neat set-up and the prices I've been told are really solid as well. The guys over there seemed pretty keen to put together a kit using the Mangoletsi manifolds as a base - somewhere around the $3300 mark for a full kit. Have any of you had experience with AT Power throttle bodies before? I stumbled onto them after coming across a knock-off on Facebook and they've been brilliant to deal with since.
  3. Post-Ironic

    Classic car bubble

    I feel as though Zs are going to keep climbing in value - the surge in 90s JDM prices is due to the US just getting their foot in the door (see Mark IV Supra prices going absolutely mental) and people being able to get their childhood "hero cars". Most of the new market entrants were born around the 90s and grew up with the Japanese sports car boom - something our Zs have lineage from. The reason Euro and US classics are plateauing is because they don't hold the same sentimental value (bar the odd Mustang or Porsche). I'd be inclined to believe that the Z is ingrained enough in pop culture and history that it will always hold more value that say an RA Celica. If anything I'd be inclined to say that rising 90s JDM prices will drag up 70s JDM stuff - Hakosuka's already seem pretty tied to more modern GT-Rs in terms of price movement, Zs as well. My generation and the lot afterwards grew up with 90s and early 2000s stuff (Fast and Furious, Need for Speed) being centrepiece - still at least another 5 years before everyone who grew up on it enters the market. Some big changes coming in mainstream car culture right now. If Nissan pull their finger out and release a solid new Z watch prices go mental like AE86 prices did when the GT86 was released, just has to be priced low enough that a 19 year old can take out a poorly thought out loan to buy one. Watch late 80s and early 90s JDM cars surge for the next few years before they mellow out. Half destroyed Silvia's are selling for $10k but there are still plenty around being drifted into walls.
  4. Post-Ironic

    Bilstein Shock Inserts

    Absolutely no clue where I found this article, but there seems to be a decent bit to read through regarding shock comparisons: http://farnorthracing.com/autocross_secrets18.html Figured this may interest some of you out there or at the very least generate some discussion. On a side note I'd like to confirm that it is indeed the AW11 MR2 rear inserts that are used for the 240Z front struts r.e. Koni Yellows? @csp-311 the Yellows do have an adjuster knob at the top of the strut; proper adjustable shock.
  5. Post-Ironic

    Bilstein Shock Inserts

    Update! Went down to Accurate and spoke with Ken today - super helpful and exceptionally knowledgeable. Bilstein P30's will work in standard 240Z struts, however, you end up with an smaller shock vs Koni Yellows due to the Bilstein design (inverted monotube). Overall Ken put it down to availability - Koni's will be a tighter fit as most of you guys have found out, however, you get a fair bit more shock for the effort + that element of adjustability with the Yellows. Ken highly recommended the guys down at MCA - testament to their work that I've not heard a single bad thing! Mike was bang on with the 260 strut comment - more options and overall better shock performance due to larger size potential. However, Ken said you can get the 240 struts to work to a level very close to them (in regards to a street / occasional track car). MCA seems to be the easiest / best option if you have the money to splash, but Ken said sectioned struts using weld-on kits will still perform quite well provided the insert is valved correctly. Hearing what he had to say I'll likely be looking towards a Koni set-up. A side note; the alternate Bilstein part number (P30-0137) appears to be a B6 (OEM+) as opposed to a B8 (Lowered OEM+) - probably not the best to use with sectioned struts and lowering springs. If you can pick up either the part numbers mentioned by csp-311 or the P30-0032s they'll do quite a decent job nonetheless - just very annoying to source. There's an Ebay store based out of Miami in the US that has 7 of the 0032s available at $200~ USD each, post-tax and shipping it ends up at about $1050. Have gotten quotes for Koni Yellows at $1150-$1300 a set (locally sourced). Have done my best to relay what I was told / have found out; if any of you see any glaring problems please give me a shout and I'll correct it. Big thanks to Ken for his time, hope this helps someone in some way.
  6. Post-Ironic

    Bilstein Shock Inserts

    Cheers for the reply Leon, I really did fail to mention what I was going for! I'm aiming for something thing that'd be solid around a track whilst still being street-driveable without any major issues (have no problem with a firm ride); definitely looking to have the car sit considerably lower than factory height. I had considered Koni Yellows but the cheapest I could find were almost 2x the price of equivalent Bilsteins. Just didn't seem worth the price difference. I'll give Heasmans a call tomorrow.
  7. Post-Ironic

    Bilstein Shock Inserts

    Hey guys, I've been in the process of chasing up shock inserts for my struts and came across a few potentially interesting things, as well as some questions. According to the guys at HybridZ Bilstein inserts to suit a VW Rabbit Cabriolet (P30-0032) work on standard 51mm 240Z struts both front and rear when sectioned correctly. According to the fellow I spoke to at Bilstein Aus, the P30-0032 was some sort of a strange race homoligation insert that they haven't produced for years - he told me that they have a near identical insert available off the shelf in the form of the P30-0137 (quoted $560 per pair). The only difference between them is apparently valving? However, upon further digging it seems the P30-0137 is a HD shock rather than a Sport shock. I've seen a bunch of claimed differences between the two types, with pretty much everything being hearsay. This has ranged from different travel rates to different sized internal bump stops. I was wondering if any of you have had experience with Bilsteins in general; HD vs Sport or a difference between these two particular part #'s. I'm certainly not the most well-versed in this sort of stuff, though I have read through pretty much all of the S30 related stuff I could find on the forums. Have considered the MCA option, however, I already have the Otomoto HSD adjustable kit and access to a skilled welder - can't really justify the $3500 I was quoted for MCA blues. Any insight appreciated. Cheers, Jamie
  8. Post-Ironic

    Zed Heads dream Z build.

    Very nice colour combination! Looks like you've got some exciting times ahead. Do you have an end goal for the car in regards to exterior aesthetics to go along with the 3.2 stroker?
  9. Post-Ironic

    NAPA Auto superstore Zed day

    Might come by before work and check this out, looks interesting
  10. Post-Ironic

    Must Watch Automotive Program Thread.

    Albo is an absolutely top bloke, have spoken to him a few times. Really recommend checking out his other videos as well - gives a real insight into the history of Japanese street racing.
  11. Post-Ironic

    S30 rear hatch hinge cover seal

    Cheers Gav, will send him a message!
  12. Post-Ironic

    S30 rear hatch hinge cover seal

    Hey guys, apologies if this is in the wrong sub-forum - I've just found that one or my hinge covers has ceased to exist. I know that The Z Store keep a reproduction kit in stock, however, I was wondering if there was anyone in Aus that sold them? If anyone had a pair lying around in good condition that they'd be up for selling, that'd do the job as well! Cheers! Repro kit: https://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/34-2236
  13. Post-Ironic

    Over the KW limit

    2005 models and before technically comply (assuming zero engine modifications), however, it's really not worth the amount of money you'd have to pay in insurance, let alone the added police attention. The moment you start playing around with the car or modifying it you're about as screwed as an Ikea flat-pack pantry. No insurance company will want to touch you in a Z33 with a 10-foot pole unless you're throwing money at them. Insurance as a secondary driver works, but expect the premium to go through the roof for the poor chap acting as primary driver (plus you'll miss out on the chance to get 3 years of insurance history on your side when you get off P's). I went through this whole dance about two years ago before deciding it wasn't worth it - too much money and hassle just to drive a Z33. In my opinion you'd be best off finding something else to daily on your P's - 86s are similar price these days and you'll be able to do a heck of a lot more with them within P-plate legality. Smaller hatchbacks will honestly give you just as much of a fun drive at an absolute fraction of the cost provided you shell out for a decent suspension set-up and tyres + save the inevitable speeding ticket from being too debt-inducing. But hey - each to their own. Buy it and have a proper good mang but don't be surprised when you get targeted or rack up a uni-degree's worth of debt. Z33's are solid cars, especially if you put them on a bit of a diet. No clue what Lurch said but it was probably right (in a Lurch kind of way).
  14. Post-Ironic

    MZR Datsun 240z Coupes

    Have seen a few videos on the Sport-Design, really nice fit and finish from what I can see. Price is a bit ambitious for what you're getting in my opinion, did a quick conversion for their 2.9L Sport-Design - $155,000 AUD! That'd be before delivery fees and shipping. Don't want to even think about what they'd ask for a stroker. Do wish them best of luck though, I'm sure there's a market for boutique Fairladys. Plus this likely will lead to more companies producing nice bits for our Z's.
  15. Post-Ironic

    Ambitious but rubbish in Brisbane

    I've seen that figure thrown about a bit - likely relating to the extremely early build numbers with thinner sheet metal. Might be completely wrong though. Would have to ask someone like Gav for more info. If mine weighed 1070kg dry I'll be under the 1000kg dry mark relatively easily.