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    An Aussie in Boston, 1972 Fairlady Z RHD Owner
  1. scotta

    72 bonnet latch

    Whilst I’m based in the US I have a RHD version car, that’s why I’m reaching out to Aust for the right version.
  2. scotta

    WTB: LH Door chrome strip

    Note there is a difference between the 240 and 260z versions. I know this because is sent mine in for refurb (new felt and polish) and my left and right were different. the 240 is full metal at the ends. The 260 has a plastic piece at the rear.
  3. scotta

    72 bonnet latch

    I’m looking for a bonnet latch for a 72 Fairlady Z. (Same as the 240z latch) male and female parts. (I do not need the cable)