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  1. 72240Z

    Aluminum Oxidiseation.

    WD40 is what I use. Spray it on and wipe it with a rag.
  2. 72240Z

    What Did You Do On Your Z Today?

    Mike260 your z looks great. The first z I ever owned was a 260 but it wasn't as nice as yours.
  3. 72240Z

    What Did You Do On Your Z Today?

    I bought it from Ebay https://www.ebay.com/str/Bluest-Skies?_trksid=p2047675.l2563 because an old post on hybridz https://forums.hybridz.org/topic/124563-door-seals-weatherstrip-i-found-a-set-that-works/ the picture is off the ebay ad and I don't know who made it. It's in a box in the back of the z right now but when I have some time I will compare it to the factory weatherstrip and post some pictures
  4. 72240Z

    What Did You Do On Your Z Today?

    My 27 piece weatherstrip kit arrived, I'll let you know how it compares to the factory parts.
  5. 72240Z

    Distributor, have I gone stuffed it?

    You may be able to turn it 90 degrees in the vice and tweek it back into shape. Measure it with a set of calipers to see how far out of round it is and then squeeze it slowly till you get it back round. after you get it apart you can use the proper size reamer to repair the bushings. If the one out of a 73 will work you can have it for the postage from the US.
  6. 72240Z

    Show us your......man cave.

    The other picture is a little misleading. The shed is 30 X 40 9.144 m X 12.192 m, it's filling up fast. I need to move another car and the contents to 2 small buildings and fit it in somewhere. For now power comes from the yellow extension cord in the picture. The first project will be building some workbenches and storage shelves.
  7. 72240Z

    What Did You Do On Your Z Today?

    This is the LAST time I pay mice to detail my engine!!!
  8. 72240Z

    What Did You Do On Your Z Today?

    It was a few days ago but I finally got my Z out of the woods and put it in the man cave.
  9. 72240Z

    Show us your......man cave.

    Work in progress.
  10. 72240Z

    Tight Bleeder Nipple

    Looks like I'm only a year late, maybe I need to stop drinking ... or drink a lot more.
  11. 72240Z

    Tight Bleeder Nipple

    They make special vice grips that grip 3 sides of a hex head. they work on the hose fittings, don't tighten them to much they will crush the fittings. Use a 6 point socket on the bleeders and be careful thay are easy to brake. Use lots of penetrating oil.
  12. 72240Z

    240Z Drivers Side Door Slam Or Quarter Panel

    kamarchi it will be a few days before I will be able to get back out where the car is, my grand kids are staying with my wife and me. I will get some more pictures and poke at the seam with a screwdriver to see if is any good. Do you have a picture of the part that you want cut ?
  13. 72240Z

    240Z Drivers Side Door Slam Or Quarter Panel

    Gavin, you may want to look closer at the firewall pic. It looks different RHD vs LHD.
  14. 72240Z

    240Z Drivers Side Door Slam Or Quarter Panel

    It may be a few days before I can get any more pictures, Gavin what part of the firewall do you need? gilltech I have never seen one like it either, it may not be factory.