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    If you blow up before the finish line, you were too hot, if you blow up after the finish line, you were not hot enough, if you blow up AT the finish line, you were set up just right. Bert Munro, aka The worlds fastest Indian
  1. Mad Greek

    New Guy From The Usa

    I hope everyone is doing well down under. I have been working on a new head for the endurance car, and thought I would post a picture. merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! Andy K
  2. Mad Greek

    Mad Greek Racing

    Closed course endurance racing
  3. Mad Greek

    New Guy From The Usa

    Thanks for making me feel so welcome, Gordo! I am sure you and I could be mates if we lived a few thousand miles closer! I would love to visit your country some day. You Aussies are well known as a fanatical bunch of gear-heads! (my kind of folks). I have a close friend who races white water endurance jet boats, here in the US, and in Canada. Jet boat racing is a sport you Aussies pretty much invented. Have you ever been to the States? Kind regards, Andy K
  4. Mad Greek

    New Guy From The Usa

    This is a video my son made of our racing exploits. It is a fun watch (I think)
  5. Old Datsun nut from the USA, Spokane, WA. I have owned a '67 2000 roadster for over 25 years, but have recently gotten into Z's the last 8 years or so. I own 2) '74 260's. One is a resto-rod project, the other is an endurance race car. I started an amateur race team "Mad Greek Racing," and I am in the middle of my 5th season racing the endurance car, and that consumes most of my spare time In the course of racing, I have broken, bent, or destroyed pretty much every piece on one of these cars. I have learned a fair amount about making a reasonable amount of power from these engines on a very modest budget. I look forward to chatting with you folks. Andy K "The Mad Greek"