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  1. JDM-TOY

    Fairlady Fender Mirrors Needed

    Hi @manuel thanks but I bought a pair a while back, cheers
  2. JDM-TOY

    The Build 73 240Z

    @CroS13 HAHAHA I hope so. bro, for your sanity loll. If he pulls his finger out anything is possible with this guy. Currently he seems motivated in 2019
  3. JDM-TOY

    The Build 73 240Z

    Finally some progress on the 240z, I was starting to lose my mind. So the rear quaters, rear beaver panel and roof have been repaird and bogged up and sprayed in primer. I delivered the RB26 engine, 25 gearbox and the RD25 oil sump to the guys who will be fabricating the mounts and modifying the RD sump to suit. Once the engine and box are in and mounted correctly they will be pulled out are the car will be put in highfill then will be ready for paint. Hopefully this happens before Christmas
  4. JDM-TOY

    Jeff43's Hs30-00134 Restoration

    The L28 turbo should go hard if tuned properly. Do you know if its a stock L28 turbo? Yeah I was like that too, couldn't decide of rebuilding the L28 was worth it or just purchasing a RB26DETT. But the RB won at the end of the day.
  5. JDM-TOY

    Jeff43's Hs30-00134 Restoration

    Hey mate well done on the progress. Do you have any major plans for the L28?
  6. JDM-TOY

    Jeff's 240z build

    Hey Jeff Did you manage to get the parts from JDM Car Parts?
  7. JDM-TOY

    MZR Datsun 240z Coupes

    Look you need to find the right kind of Lady, someone who appreciates the finer things in life lol
  8. @OdinZ as they say "same shit different smell" After seeing that picture Im turned off. I also think it doesn't look like the concept car originally shown to people and they cant blame manufacturing costs for that
  9. New Toyota Supra. Not sure what to think......
  10. JDM-TOY

    Satrat z

    Thats a hectic shed
  11. JDM-TOY

    Jeff43's Hs30-00134 Restoration

    @jeff43 nice progress mate, the black sound deadening looks clean in plane black, it makes it look OEM. Keep it up your inspiring me to put my Z together once the body is done. Possibly save some money too
  12. What will the RHD ones be priced at? Ill take one if its priced well.
  13. JDM-TOY

    The Build 73 240Z

    I rambled on that nothing was getting done that I forgot to updated on small work done on the rear quaters recently. So one issue but a small one, is that the guards that I purchased from Tabco didn't have the original line moulded in them. So now its all up to the panel beater to block up the quaters to get those lines looking like they are on the panels. I dropped the rear end coilovers and she sits nice even without the Watanabes on. Still has 3 inches to go lower. Anyways some update pics
  14. JDM-TOY

    The Build 73 240Z

    Hey guys Small update, I finally managed to get the R33 GTS-T calipers powder coated and all the clips, nuts and bolts enamel coated. Alao I had spare bolts and washers for the rear control arms so I got them coated too. I had a pair of bonnet hinges sitting around so I decided to get them coated too. The ones on the car had been painted and due to the hinges opening and rubbing the paint had all chipped off. So I will take them off and replace with the coated ones. The calipers are black but the office had cool white LED lights so they look a little blueish but came up mint