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  1. JDM-TOY

    The Build 73 240Z

    Finally managed to get the 240Z off the rotisserie. We have a issue were the front discs are a little too big and the SW front bracket is short for the R33 calipers so the two dont meet. The rear calipers fit good and there is good clearance for the wheel to spin freely. Will need to sort out possible smaller discs for the front. Anyone had this issue before?
  2. Thats a really nice green with tan interior combination
  3. JDM-TOY

    The Build 73 240Z

    So progress has been quite slow getting this setup complete. Sometimes information given by people is not the full story so you need to dig deep amd look for more information yourself. Had some clearance issues with the rear disc as it was not spinning freely due to it touching the caliper brackets. So machined the discs today shaving off 3 mils and now the disc is spinning freely. Front end is in exceps calipers. Rear end, the diff is in and control arms with new bushings. Hopefully Friday will put tye rear shocks up and get the car off the rotisserie. The car is so dusty man I was sneezing like I had hay hay fever lol
  4. JDM-TOY

    Classic car bubble

    My understanding of Limited Availability means basic supply and demand. There will always be a demand for classic cars regardless of the model only due to different people liking and wanting different cars. Not everyone thinks of buying a classic car as a investment but there are the few who are chased up and would buy a classic for investment.
  5. JDM-TOY

    Spindle Pins Not Going In

    Thanks Lachlan I will sort them out on Monday, lets see how I go
  6. JDM-TOY

    Spindle Pins Not Going In

    Hey Guys Just had a look in this section but I couldn't find anything with people having issues with fitting their spindle pins in. So I have had the rear control arms painted, struts powder coated and the pins brass enamel coted. We tried to fiddle around and slide the pins in a little but they wouldn't go in both the struts or the control arms. Could the coating be the issue or ar they generally difficult to get in. Just worried they wont go in at all on Monday and then we would need to sandblast the pins to see if they fit. Anyone have a issue with theirs Cheers Youhan
  7. JDM-TOY

    Need to Find this Rubber Grommet

    Thanks @KatoKid yeah I have seen the square gasket but not the firewall one. Thought someone might have replaced theirs. Cheers
  8. JDM-TOY

    Spotted NSW

    Spotted today by my Wife at Castle Hill Towers, trust her to be there. MCM boys doing some shopping I guess lol. Although these guys piss me off it is a nice Fairlady Z.
  9. Hi Lads I been searching all over the internet for this grommet that is located on the firewall hole for the steering shaft but no luck. Been to 90% of websites that sell S30 parts. Mine was left on and the engine bay was painted but I want to replace it as the engine bay is getting painted again due to brake fluid spilling from the master cylinder. Would love your help Cheers Youhan P.S Love the colour
  10. JDM-TOY

    Classic car bubble

    @gav240z Bro please dont depress me. I remember I had the chance to pick up a MINT Holden Monaro for 3k with a 350 big block, and my Dad talked me out of it. I still have deep memories but luckily I still got my 72 HQ Statesman. Needs some body work though, probably after the S30. Ohh yeah and I have been putting it on him ever since haha
  11. JDM-TOY

    Some more cool Z videos - youtube.com

    Giving it a good scrubb down @gav240z this is your colour, looks hot This guy has a heap of videos but very poor camera work
  12. Man I was in Picton today should have seen this beforehand could have taken some pictures and put them up. Add says no tags
  13. JDM-TOY

    Jeff43's Hs30-00134 Restoration

    Looks mint, seriously. Great work
  14. JDM-TOY

    The Build 73 240Z

    Hey guys Making progress on the breaks, got the calipers back from powder coaters and had all the bolts and clips cadmium plated, also got a new seal kits. The SW brackets are spot on and look better than I thought. Had a heap of mucking around with fitting the hand break shoes and making them work with the springs and cable but got that sorted. Looking more complete
  15. @GongZ so should the valance lenses be clear or yellow? Very off topic, sorry guys.