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  1. JDM-TOY

    Classic car bubble

    I think we should send the above feedback from true S30 enthusiasts to Nissan. Im very disappointed at Dutsun in India, disgusted. I owned a 2000 N15 SSS pulsar from Nissan brand new and had it for 13 years. My passion for the nissan car fell apart when the replaced the Pulsar with the Tiida. Fuck me, what a shambles the Tiida was and from this stupid decision Nissan went down hill. I was always in the hopes that Nissan would release a N16 Pulsar GTI-R to compete with Subaru WRX and Mitsubishi EVO but nothing and now "apparently " the 400Z will be a all wheel drive V6 twin turbo. But Scratcherrrrr!
  2. JDM-TOY

    Classic car bubble

    Yeah I definitely agree on the condition and these look really clean for the price they sold. But I agree not worth $122k.
  3. JDM-TOY

    Classic car bubble

    Like this Australian delivered R32, even though its Australian delivered I wouldn't pay that much. $55k possibly regardless of its history Check out this Nissan Skyline. https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Nissan-Skyline-1991/SSE-AD-5587283
  4. JDM-TOY

    The Build 73 240Z

    @gav240z this is for you bro....
  5. JDM-TOY

    The Build 73 240Z

    I think 10 months is a good time to have a car restored. On my end I managed to quickly organise parts from the US and local to make the process smooth for him. But I don't understand, if your not busy get the work out. Whoo Knowzz
  6. JDM-TOY

    The Build 73 240Z

    To my suprise the panel beater was sitting on the couch on his phone and my car just sitting there. Boy did I give him a mouth full and apparently now he will get stuck into my car.
  7. JDM-TOY

    The Build 73 240Z

    Hey champ, good point on using the nuts. Na I didn't get any locknut but I can order some.
  8. JDM-TOY

    The Build 73 240Z

    Thanks Gavin Yeah I know but Im not sure what to do as all it needs is to be blocked, sanded and painted. Im going to head out there tomorrow and see what he says
  9. JDM-TOY

    The Build 73 240Z

    Hey guys been a while since my last post. The car is still at the panel beaters and to be a little honest im getting annoyed with how long its taking to get my car done. I know these things take time but the shop has been quiet and they arnt taking insurance work so that the restos get done. But my car is still sitting there with the majority of rust work done and other cars are getting priority. I gave them a dead line but at this pace it looks to be next year. Anyways on the upside I finally recieved my Watanabe R 15 x 8 +0 wheels from Japan after 7 months wait, but definitely worth the wate. I cant get over the detail on the nuts with the falcon symbol on it. Its all Porn to be honest, happy I waited this long. So I will take the Toyo R888R off the steel wheels and transfer them to the Watanabes. And definitely wont be using the centre caps or nuts, their too nice to get damaged or stolen.
  10. JDM-TOY

    Rebuilt R32 GTR Front Calipers

    BUMP! Had a change of heart guys I will talk $600 cash. Still available
  11. @CBR Jeff yeah these are nice. Didn't know that they weren't ADR approved
  12. @KatoKid these bride Historix are nice. Im thinking of getting these. They look similar to the Nissan dealer performance upgrades
  13. JDM-TOY

    Rebuilt R32 GTR Front Calipers

    @gav240z do you think its its fairly priced?
  14. Hey Guys Im selling my R32 GTR front calipers as I initially purchased the wrong calipers for my upgrade on the 73. I have purchased a front pair of R33 GTS-T and need to get them rebuilt. These have been fully stripped down and powder coated in black, enamel coated all bolts and new rubber rebuild kit. So these are basically brand new. Im asking $1100 or would swap for front clear headlight covers with chrome trims.... Please note im only selling the front pair.
  15. No fucking way, that looks good. Im gald it came your way @gav240z