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    Air cleaners are for pillowbiters!
  1. TOO60Z

    Spotted (Vic)

    Two buses in the depot.
  2. There is the possibility of the larger flange fouling on the sway bar if you are going to run one.
  3. TOO60Z

    L28 Engine Breather Advice Req’d

    Run hose to catch can and vent from there and include rocker cover vent as well. Blocking the breather is not the option you are looking for.
  4. TOO60Z

    Over the KW limit

    Report me.
  5. TOO60Z

    Over the KW limit

    So you are fraudulently insuring a vehicle under a dead persons name. That’ll work.
  6. TOO60Z

    Over the KW limit

    This is bullshit! I got reported for suggesting an 86 to a member that couldn’t handle the truth and now everyone is doing it and getting away Scott free. I want a sports car now Daddy, NOW! I’m going to my room to play matchbox cars and I don’t want to listen to any silly RTA or mean people who don’t like me. Call me when my car is ready and tell Mummy I want fairy bread for din dins.
  7. TOO60Z

    Nissan 350z petrol

    R31 Skyline manual. Good p plate car that’s cheap enough to run/fix and insure. You can JDM the shit out of it and go to all the eommeets with your mates.
  8. TOO60Z

    Some more cool Z videos - youtube.com

    I get an earache and a twitch in my eye but they rub the lotion on their skin. Yes they do Precious or they will get the hose again.
  9. TOO60Z

    Some more cool Z videos - youtube.com

    He is drinking his bath water. 4 besser blocks= chassis jig.
  10. Maybe he tried to get the head off with a claw hammer?
  11. TOO60Z

    Classic car bubble

    Print media is the flogging of the dead horse but it is such a shame the good mags are the ones that fold first. Lamenting the loss of Vintage Racecar now digital.
  12. TOO60Z

    Classic car bubble

    Great! Another round of misquoted half baked truths and urban legends about the Z from some goofball “reporter” with the line of how he always admired them and something about Albrecht Goertz.
  13. TOO60Z

    My Blue 260Z 2Seater

    At least they didn't hack the console fascia out and leave a gaping hole.
  14. So everyone will be painting them grey now.