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  1. GregTas


    I have no experience with the EP throttle bodies. It did a bit of research on throttle bodies when I was thinking of going NA for my car and of everything I could find they looked like the best value. With a throttle body really just a butterfly and an injector I couldn't could see the value in some of the more expensive ones.
  2. GregTas

    LED headlight wiring issue

    Yep good fix. Bright lights and your switches will last a lot longer.
  3. GregTas

    LED headlight wiring issue

    If using a twin light relay it needs to have 6 pins, not 5.
  4. GregTas

    LED headlight wiring issue

    Good effort sorting it. A little bit of thought needed to get the original negative switching to do positive switching on the new relays. These relays are also suitable for the conversion.
  5. GregTas


    and these ones for $300 each.
  6. Most would be drive on drive off.
  7. I think if you can get it delivered to the boat and it can be driven on and off then you shouldn't need a trailer on the boat. So perhaps you just need transport to the boat?
  8. GregTas

    Wtb: Bonnet cable clamp

    Hi, Has anyone got one of these bonnet cable clamps? An original one would be nice as I suspect it would be better than the one in the pic. I could make something, but if I can buy one then it's on less job I have to do.
  9. GregTas

    Misc pics

  10. GregTas


    Great looking shed.
  11. Great! Now I've won two trophies. Do you need my mailing address?
  12. Just one more like and I could have been there.
  13. The new format looks good and I've found it quite easy to work out. I've even got third place in some event I didn't even know I'd entered into. Just a pity my car is not that well placed.