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  1. GregTas

    What Radiator For Rb25 240?

    So i"ve got my radiator sorted I went with the HZ V8 rad that was suggested by @dat2kman It's a brass 'Auto Rad' 618 core. It's a big core and very snug fit between the rails. Only 3 or 4mm clearance. The side bands had to get the bottom trimmed off them and the bottom of them sits on the top of the chassis rails. Very pleased with it. On the RB25 both pipes are on the drivers side. I was going to have the bottom pipe on the passenger side and use an external pipe to cross it back. The guy doing it had a better way and the top pipe has a 90 degree bend inside it to direct the water to the passenger side so it should work similar to if the pipes were on opposite sides. The rad is a bit taller and will sit lower so I got the bottom fitting pointed up. It ended up costing me $700. Close now to getting my engine started up.
  2. GregTas

    Spindle Pins Not Going In

    They are a very snug fit and need to be clean to slide in. A tap with a soft face hammer should get them in. i suspect yours are now oversize.
  3. GregTas

    Some more cool Z videos - youtube.com

    Yes a pity two zes got chopped up, but good on him for having a go and sharing it. I'm sure many get something out of watching them.
  4. GregTas

    72 240Z Historic Group S

    Best way, but not a foundation for it being the reality. Statistics.........If the status quo remains unchanged, then there's no reason why historical events are not a good indicator for forecasting future ones.
  5. GregTas

    What nice door mirrors are about?

    Ok I get it now. I thought it was a tarnished chrome mirror made by raydyot. So my search machine works, I just can't read and consequently spend hours searching for things that only exist in my head. That is a very nice looking mirror. I do like it but am I prepared to pay the $150 for it. Not quite a pretty as the OEM copy, but quite good value. This might be me. Being uneducated on the brand it's all about function and style for me and they don't score well compared to some of the other bullet mirrors. A brand name alone can only keep a reputation going for so long.
  6. GregTas

    What nice door mirrors are about?

    I object your honor! My search machine works just fine. It's your link that doesn't work Found heaps of raydyot mirrors like in your link, but not like the one on the 240. Only raydyots I could find are those less attractive spun things with all the screws on them and ugly mount. Have you got a link to one that looks like the one of that 240?
  7. GregTas

    What nice door mirrors are about?

    That looks quite nice. Do you recall where you bought it from? I found a place in UK with a good range. https://www.carbuildersolutions.com/uk/side-mirrors#/pageSize=20&viewMode=grid&orderBy=0 This one looks quite good but I know sometimes without the stalk adjustment and visibility can be limited. 100mm diameter. Perhaps that might look too big. https://www.carbuildersolutions.com/uk/classic-bullet-mirror-chrome-plated-brass-100mm
  8. GregTas

    What nice door mirrors are about?

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions. The GT ones are not bad looking, but think the one on the car Gav posted is probably my pick.Period look, looks like it would work ok and I like the way the mount has some length to it to flow it into the car. Unfortunately when searching for the raydyot mirror I haven't found anything like it.
  9. I'm after some good looking door mirrors. I've done some searching but haven't found anything yet that I like. What are other people using? I like chrome bullet mirrors and one of those that that works well would be nice. I have one on another car and as a mirror it's a bit crap. So don't want to buy them if they won't work on the car. Any classic sporty mirror suggestions?
  10. GregTas

    WTB: LH Door chrome strip

    Still chasing one of these door strips
  11. GregTas

    WTB: 240Z door guides

    You are correct good pick up. It states 'Fits either door' so must be just one. I had just focused on the price and so not spent any time checking the add. At that price I could get them from the US with screws so I'll pass on that one.
  12. GregTas

    WTB: 240Z door guides

    Thanks. If I can get them for the starting bid price of $45 that would be ok. I'll wait the 6 days and if there's no bid at the end I'll put one on then.
  13. GregTas

    What gearstick leather boot fits a 260z cosnole

    No targa. Just circuit. Yes the roads are good. Over the years I've had plenty of fun on them. Quite a bit on bikes with mates.
  14. GregTas

    What gearstick leather boot fits a 260z cosnole

    Yeah it's more weight, but I want my car to be a good looking race car. I've also put isolator switch and some warning lights in the front part of the console. So it does have a bit of a need for being there.