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  1. GregTas

    Wtb: 240 door lock clips

    All sorted now with the clips.
  2. GregTas

    Wtb: 240 Wiper arms

    All sorted on the arms Still looking for nuts.
  3. GregTas

    Wtb: Two wiper arm nuts

    I'm after two wiper arm retaining nuts for a 240.
  4. GregTas

    Wtb: 240Z interior door panels

    I'm after two black interior door panels for a 240z. Must be in good condition.
  5. I'm after the interior panel that goes along the back over the tail lights
  6. Hi, Is the JB1361 the correct 15/16 master cylinder that will fit on my original 240Z booster. I think it is. Will this work ok with R31 discs on the back and is it the best option for running on std booster? I've put R33 calipers on the front of my car and R31 on the rear. I got an R33 booster and mc and was going to fit it, but have now realised that a bit of work is needed to offset the clutch pedal due to the size of the booster. So I thought I would stick with the smaller 240 booster and original style master cylinder.
  7. GregTas

    Race Car Pics, Yours Or ?

    Hadn't noticed the rear hatch. Changing tail light globes or the battery
  8. Congratulations. Starting with a complete car will make the resto easier for you.
  9. GregTas

    soldering starter brushes

    To answer you question. Yes I have done it. The 100 watt iron will be too small.You do need a very big iron because copper is a great conductor of heat and so the winding takes all the heat away from the location you're trying to solder the brush onto. It's not an easy job. You need a lot of heat fast so you don't overheat the rest of the winding. Tin both surfaces first, then fuse together. I'd say 200-250 watt iron. They're not cheap and so for a one off job not really worth buying one. Perhaps you could borrow an iron from somewhere? Or a nice auto elec could possibly solder the brushes on for you. or find another scrap starter with ok brushes or may perhaps cheaper to just buy another going one.
  10. Hi, I have a hatch lock, but no key. Does someone know how to get the barrel out from the button? Is it possible with these locks? I went to a lockmsith with the lock assembled and they wanted about $80 to rekey it. For that price I' thought I've have a go myself. When I pulled it apart I was expecting the tumblers to be visible so they could be reset them, but this lock is not like that. I have now looked on the web and have read that some locksmiths have said they are a sealed lock and can't be reskeyed. It looks a bit like that, but perhaps there's a trick to getting it apart?
  11. GregTas

    260z body parts

    Yep, especially that bumper.
  12. GregTas

    Wtb: 240Z ext door handle

    All sorted I can get a new genuine from Rob at ZFactory in Vic for $85.
  13. GregTas

    Wtb: 240 Wiper arms

    New ones would be more than I need. Still chasing some reasonable s/h ones.
  14. GregTas

    Wtb: 240Z ext door handle

    Hi, I'm after a 240Z exterior door handle. Needs to be in good condition. Not sure if 260Z ones are the same, perhaps they are.
  15. Thanks. Yes it would need some work. I might have a hunt first for another standard 240 pb before modifying it. That way if I don't like the booster setup I have the option to put the twins back on.