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  1. qhongtran

    Wtb: Lower Steering Column Cover Plastic 240Z

    Still looking if anyone has one, just send a pm thanks
  2. qhongtran

    73 240z (HS30-103685)

    Full build on facebook also; https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10155285060713188.1073741841.778658187&type=1&l=d5f64c9f34 Feel free to give a like!
  3. qhongtran

    Wtb: Lower Steering Column Cover Plastic 240Z

    LEGEND! ok
  4. As the title suggests, I am after a plastic lower part steering column cover for a 73 240z. Thanks! Hong
  5. qhongtran

    The Global Z-car (S30/S130) Market Thread.

    432 for sale fellas!!! damn I would! but! http://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/o198563995
  6. qhongtran

    Spare Parts 240Z 260Z

    Brake calipers sold
  7. qhongtran

    Spare Parts 240Z 260Z

    Manifold sold Center carpet sold
  8. qhongtran

    Spare Parts 240Z 260Z

    Ok pm your mobile so I can sms you when I get the price from Auspost... then I can send then and there if Auspost dont rip us too much
  9. qhongtran

    Spare Parts 240Z 260Z

    Correct E30 its all yours
  10. qhongtran

    Spare Parts 240Z 260Z

    SOR in Perth
  11. Got these as spare, let me know what you want. Rear boot carpet -$70 Center tunnel carpet -$50 Right hand side carpet -$20 E88 cast iron header -$50 2 Alternators- $50 Used master brake booster, needs service - $40 Steering rod $40 drivers window $200 Diff mount $50 Spare cam $50 Brake calipers $50 Alternators x2 one is for a 1200 $50 both Side windows, one side is missing rubber $200 Radiator $50 1x datsun door sil plate $ 30 ono prices take all for $600
  12. qhongtran

    260Z 2+2 Inner Hatch Seal

    I think I have a spare one in a box somewhere
  13. qhongtran

    Rare Spares Seatbelt Kit

    Has anyone successfully installed these seatbelts (Rare Spares)? I spent about 3 hours last night trying to figure it out (mounting on the standard mounts)... Sent Rarespares an email but no reply yet... Currently, I have the retractor mounted and the top point on the rear hatch pillar and returns back to the retractor point.... BUT the belt rubs against the wheel arch... that's not going to work... any other options? thanks Hong
  14. qhongtran

    240 Or 260 Accelerator Pedal And Mounts

    If rb25240z already got them, I am after a bush and bracket also... I have no idea why it was removed! Been looking everywhere for them also. thanks
  15. qhongtran

    Windscreen Prices Reduce

    Yeah they have stock here in WA. very good