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  1. Yeah I am in two frames about the interior colours, but do love the look of those seats. Haha I did spot the clock actually.
  2. https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Datsun-240Z-1973/SSE-AD-5607717/?Cr=1 1973 Datsun 240z - $57,500.00 This eye catching 240Z offers the best of both worlds as it can be enjoyed as presented in its modified form or easily returned to standard trim for the purist. .Purchased several years ago as a nice clean survivor car, this Datto has virtually zero rust. At some point in the past the front of the driver’s side floor rail has been hit and split allowing for the ingress of water and dirt resulting in a rust hole about the size of a fifty-cent piece in the driver’s side floor which has been stabilised with rust convertor. The gentleman I purchased it from (via a broker) was believed to be the second owner and had owned the car for about 27 years. I drove the car around for a couple of years in its standard trim complete with dealer optioned Magnum wheels and Aunger rear louvre until I decided to prepare it for the “Targa Tasmania Classic Rallye 2018”, a touring event which also allows for some spirited driving on closed road sections. During the preparation the car was rubbed back and repainted in its original colour of paint code 113 and then clear coated. The paint is about 8/10. Underneath is still all original as are the wheel arches which could be painted but I wanted to leave the car original in places. In preparation for the Classic Rallye, (which I can thoroughly recommend to anyone), the following upgrades were made. **More comments in link**
  3. Hey Gav, I am not defending them or their practices. But they never say they stock all of these cars. For the FD mentioned, they even state it's listed for sale in Japan. I assume though that they can buy from the dealership and import it. I have noticed quite a few of the importers do this, showing what's on offer in Japan. Quote: "Listed for sale in Japan. 2003 Mazda RX-7 Spirit R Type A (1459/1500) with 69,000kms. Expected landed and registered high $50Ks"
  4. OdinZ

    72 240Z Historic Group S

  5. OdinZ

    Drive days are back, if anyone turns up.

    Not that I am around either weekend...but the Sakura Picnic is on Sunday September 9th.
  6. OdinZ

    72 240Z Historic Group S

    Same spot I can see why you're getting frustrated with it. I assume you will eventually do a refresh if you one day do stop this form of racing?
  7. OdinZ

    72 240Z Historic Group S

    WOW! What the hell was he thinking. I was having a chat to someone who races in the sports tourers the other day, and there are soooo many people with absolutely no brains on the track! Not that it makes it any better for you, but did he get penalised or fined at all for that?
  8. OdinZ

    What nice door mirrors are about?

    Just bought this, haven't fitted mine yet. but the quality is really good in my opinion. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Datsun-240Z-S30-Right-Side-Door-Mirror-Reproduction-70-To-1973-Years/153124269547?hash=item23a6eaedeb:g:rPYAAOSweEFbCevK
  9. OdinZ

    WTB - 2 x Project 260z 2+2 rolling shells

    Will pm you
  10. OdinZ

    WTB - 2 x Project 260z 2+2 rolling shells

    Are you set on 2+2? I know of a 2-seater in WA that might be of interest. Not the prettiest and needs a lot of work though.
  11. OdinZ

    Drive days are back, if anyone turns up.

    Enjoy lads...wont be able to join until October.
  12. OdinZ

    Some more cool Z videos - youtube.com

    I don't think they did it to prop up the price, most like RTA not having an idea. If it had to be registered under Datsun 2_0Z, I would have thought it would have been registered as a 260z just because of the year. But who knows...
  13. More of an ad/promo, but still pretty cool I reckon.
  14. OdinZ

    Some more cool Z videos - youtube.com

    Yeah I agree, quite a few things different from a JDM S30 and any ADM S30. Not sure if anyone else picked up on it though, but it has been registered as a 1975 Datsun 240z