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  1. Oh right, good to know.
  2. Flat tops.....interesting!
  3. OdinZ

    NDSOC Xmas in July, Sunday July 7th

  4. OdinZ

    All welcome. Sandown June 8th

    Weather is looking great, will coming down in the Z to watch and get rides!
  5. Yeah fair enough. I haven't seen any around until the one above popped up
  6. Hey David, did you end up finding anyone? I saw this mob Vehicle Transport Group on Facebook on one of the auction pages in Vic
  7. OdinZ

    All welcome. Sandown June 8th

  8. https://www.facebook.com/groups/nissandatsunclassifiedsaus/permalink/1137911103082434/?sale_post_id=1137911103082434 Datsun 240z #327 $12,444.00
  9. OdinZ

    All welcome. Sandown June 8th

    I am planning on coming down to watch & have coffees, didn't even think of the passenger idea.....maybe I should finally buy a helmet!
  10. OdinZ

    Ned's Z - 76 2+2

    Thanks Gav! Haha, if I have learnt one thing from you, it's hoard! I mean don't throw things away. I probably won't ever restore it though, as you know I have a comp repro wheel hiding somewhere
  11. OdinZ

    Ned's Z - 76 2+2

    Last couple of things I needed to do before it went for it's road worthy check was install the centre console & change out my shitty 260z steering wheel and replace it with my 240z wheel and also install the borrow air box from a mate as his had already been modified to sit on round top carbs
  12. OdinZ

    Ned's Z - 76 2+2

    I have already picked the car up, drove it home on UVP. Of course, it had to rain that day, but atleast I got to wash off any dust left on it and dried it when i got home.
  13. OdinZ

    Ned's Z - 76 2+2

    CAF had also sent my centre console off to be restored by a local legend, it looks amazing!!!
  14. OdinZ

    Ned's Z - 76 2+2

    Next on the menu was to get the gearbox rebuilt, because you know, just some worn syncros I had also sourced a later 280z donor box for some parts & to use the bell housing for the reverse lockout. Lachlan's updates on all of the work he did were great! I have driven the car a couple of times since I have picked it up, and the gearbox & short shift kit feel great!
  15. OdinZ

    Ned's Z - 76 2+2

    Next up was the was the vacuum heater valve, I had attempted at rebuilding it, but the o-rings I was given for it were undersized, so Lachlan rebuilt it again, but now I think I have a leak somewhere else when I run the heater, FFS!