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  1. I do mate you'll have to text me I can't upload pictures for some reason
  2. Hey mate I have gray ones
  3. Hey mate I have all of those things if you send me a text I can send you some pics I can't seem to get it to work on here lol
  4. Hey guys been away at work yes the bodies of the cars have gone to scrap but I still have plent of stuff that I'll be trying to get pics of when I work out how to post them lol
  5. 2 almost complete cars missing motors boxes/ pedals and a few bits and pieces I haven't stripped the cars so no pictures and way to much to list in one add
  6. Hey mate I have a complete interior available in great condition i also have 14 wheels shoot me a text
  7. He mate I have 74 and 77 doors if that's any help I'm wrecking 2 almost completely cars so they are missing boxes pedals motors and a few bits and bobs