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  1. AndBir

    Another 260Z 2+2 Rubber Kit Thread.

    From what I found the door seals (ie from Clark Rubber etc.) that replicate the look of the Kia Sportage seals are made from a firmer and thicker rubber and may result in issues with closing the doors.
  2. AndBir

    Disappearance Of The Petrol Car

    It would be interesting to see what sort of electric motor and battery bank would be needed to convert a Zed to electric only with the requirement for some performance and moderate range. They are now converting minis : https://autoweek.com/article/green-cars/classic-minis-will-go-electric-125-mile-range
  3. AndBir

    Ab's Uncut Emerald - '74 260Z

    Having removed the inner door belting which is held on with staples I was not looking forward to having to reattach the new strips. I have decided the best option is to use some 3M high strength double sided automotive adhesive tape, it is rated for both in / outside use and can withstand high (sun heated metal type) temperatures. Anyone used these types of tapes on cars?
  4. AndBir

    Ab's Uncut Emerald - '74 260Z

    Not sure what others are using to replace their worn out sway bar link bushes however, I found that the Holden VU VX VY V2 WH WK 6/2000-2004 Rubber Stabiliser bushes seemed a similar match in thickness, rubber material and pin hole diameter but somewhat wider. So will see how they go. Preferred these to the polyurethane options available as I hear these can get chopped up in time. What the old ones looked like :
  5. AndBir

    Sirpent "Z"

    You could save all of this weight by using the Lizard Skin Ceramic Insulating spray on coating as a stone chip type coating instead of the much heavier acoustic coatings - it weighs almost nothing due to the microscopic ceramic sphere in the coating.
  6. AndBir

    Ab's Uncut Emerald - '74 260Z

    Radiator recored, more expensive than a cheap alloy one off eBay but probably more reliable: As a FYI : The recore cost $500 and I had it done at Eastern Radiator Service in Boronia, Vic.
  7. AndBir

    Distributor, have I gone stuffed it?

    Well wrapped in cling wrap or the sneaky option hidden under a bag of frozen potato wedges is best
  8. AndBir

    Distributor, have I gone stuffed it?

    Not sure if it was just a coincidence however, when I could not get the ball joint off the steering knuckle arm it eventually came out after I put it in the freezer for 24 hours.
  9. AndBir

    Ab's Uncut Emerald - '74 260Z

    As far as I know my brother in law (as the only previous owner) had never had the rear or front suspension off the car. It appears the R200 is longer hence the change : http://www.zhome.com/ZCMnL/tech/R200.htm "Mustache Bars: See Item #2 in drawing above. (AKA - Differential Case Mounting Bar-Rear) There are three different types of mustache bars used in the 240/260/280Z's. The early Z cars used a flat mustache bar (70/71), when the rear end was moved further rearward with the beginning of the 72 production run, the mustache bar was offset rearward and could thus be described as having an offset. The mustache bar for the R200 found in the 280Z's was further offset by moving the mounting points on the subframe rearward, it is stronger and had larger holes for mounting the R200's larger mounting studs." Given the USA went to a 280Z then this applies to our 260Zs
  10. AndBir

    Ab's Uncut Emerald - '74 260Z

    As far as I know my brother in law (as the only previous owner) had never had the rear or front suspension off the car.
  11. AndBir

    Ab's Uncut Emerald - '74 260Z

    As this is a 260Z with a R200 diff maybe this is why Datsun changed the mustache bar orientation. If it was around the other way then I cannot see how the front diff mount & diff insulator would line up.
  12. AndBir

    Ab's Uncut Emerald - '74 260Z

    Yep, I understand they changed the relative position of the mustache bar and the link mount braces from the 240Z to the 260Z - if this is what you are referring to? I thought I had put it back exactly (minus the redback spider nests) as it was in the photos prior to disassembly - everything seems to line up re diff mounts etc. Although I do not see any reference to this change in the Service Bulletin Vol.197 issued Nov 1973.
  13. AndBir

    Neuby's red rota'd 240Z

    With a nice added benefit of the 123Tune+ distributor being able to be disabled as an Antitheft system by a PIN code?
  14. Then you will like this episode : great old building with lots of different old cars including an old V12 Lambo (dual triple webers) and @ 26mins a brief look at 72 240Z.
  15. AndBir

    Home Built Z 'full Video Build'

    Or from Rob at the ZFactory : https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/seaford/auto-body-parts/datsun-240z-260z-outer-door-handles-a-pair-/1199105846 (as a price comparison)