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    Questions About Core Shift In L28 Blocks.

    Why would you say that? I'm not cheap. $2800 AU works out to about $2100 USD. That's a killer price imo. Especially with a flywheel. I've got 3 LD28 cranks, could sell a couple and darn near pay for that. If memory serves are you guys using Honda rods with that crank? What is the rod/stroke ratio like with an 89mm stroke? What about the pistons is the pin going through the bottom ring land? Could you give me some contact info?
  2. Found these on Craigslist (they are also on ebay) just wondering if someone who knows more than I could tell me if these are worth what he's asking for them, and if you see any issues. Thanks. https://winstonsalem.craigslist.org/pts/5746305171.html
  3. Chris_Hamilton

    Questions About Core Shift In L28 Blocks.

    You guys are great, thanks for all the responses. Much better vibe here than over at Hybridz. One thing I've noticed over there is that one certain guy has to comment on everything, and he has a group of sycophants who tell him how great he is. I couldn't understand why everyone over there dismissed Peter MC when he was talking about some of work he had done. Reading his posts was like a lightbulb going off in my head. I had to find out more.Like Mr. Lurch said lots of talk and not much practical experience. But that is most Internet car forums I guess. Do wish you guys were'nt halfway around the world as I'd love to get Peter, Les, Lurch to do some of the work. Unfortunately my budget will probably keep me from that.I have 4 N42/N42 motors and one E88/N42 I'm hoping that one of those will work out. I know it's just a number but it's kinda stuck in my head to do it. But I won't if I don't have a block that will pass the .120 minimum. One thing I've thought about doing, I've done it with V8's in the past was if I have a block that will bore to 89, doing a half fill with block filler. I've had several Ford 351W's strokers that I've done the half fill on, added a bigger radiator, and oil cooler and drove on the street with no issues whatsoever.One I put close to 50k miles on and it didn't use any oil whatsover. Anyone tried that here? Lurch where can I get that crank? Approximate cost? I've got a lot more questions that I hope you guys can answer I hope you will bear with me. But for now, thanks.
  4. Chris_Hamilton

    Hello From The U.s.

    The only picture I have of the 260 was from my Prom Night 27 years ago. I've got them somewhere, maybe I'll scan them and upload them but then you would have to not laugh at my very stylish 80's Mullet hair cut.... Place I work is very small, just myself, the owner and a helper we are trying to train. It's a word of mouth type shop. No website social media etc. Owner is 72 and still going strong, we work on stuff other places don't want to touch. Auburns, Cords, pre WW1 Brass Era, we got a Stutz Bearcat in the shop now. Been fabricating a lot of panels for that. I'd love to post pics but that is something I'm not allowed to do. Owner is very much against that. It's interesting but those cars are not really my cup of tea. But it beats working in Collision Repair which is what I did for many years before transitioning to this.
  5. Chris_Hamilton

    Questions About Core Shift In L28 Blocks.

    So I've been lurking here for a while and I read several threads where it was discussed that core shift is an issue in both the N42 and F54 blocks. I then went to Les Collins site where he stated that only 1 in 6 blocks could handle being bored to 89. This came as a surprise to me as I've never seen it discussed on Hybridz or anywhere else. I tried to discuss it over a hybridz and everyone seemed to dismiss the idea. I for one believe someone who has come to a conclusion as a result of testing rather than repeating something that gets said over the internet and is passed on as truth. That being said there are a lot of guys running 89mm pistons that have probably never had the block sonic checked prior to boring it out. Is the .120 minimum mainly for racing or engines that will see extended high rpm's or will a street motor survive with less. Just curious what some of you think. Also did the core shift issue affect all years? I've always read that the Japanese preferred the 75-76 N42 blocks for overboring. Is that a wives tale too? I've been collecting 75-76 N42/N42 motors with the idea of doing the 89mm bore along with the LD28 crank. (been collecting those as well....Collecting this stuff starts getting expensive and hard to explain to my wife as well. I'd appreciate any thoughts you guys have.
  6. Listed these on ClassicZcar and Hybridz but I thought I'd list them here as well, maybe someone's looking for a set. I've had these for a while and since I'm not going to use them I figured I'd see if anyone was interested in them. I have a set of NIB(new in box) 2+2 roof emblems. LH and RH. These are long since NLA. The boxes show some age and the emblems have been removed from the plastic, (still have the plastic bag for one). The emblems themselves are absolutely perfect. No blemishes anywhere. Absolutely like new. If you are looking for a set I'm sure you've seen they are next to impossible to find. One site has a new pair listed for almost $1000!! I'm looking to get $300 or best offer for the set. If you are interested I can give you a quote on shipping.. Paypal only. Thanks for looking. EDIT: Sorry I forgot to make clear $300 USD That would translate to about $398 AUD according to http://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/convert/?Amount=300&From=USD&To=AUD
  7. Chris_Hamilton

    Fs: Triple Mikuni 40Phh

    Do you still have the 44's? If so are you willing to ship to the US?
  8. Hi everyone my name is Chris, I've lurked here for a while and just wanted to say Hi. I really like some of the info here and have read a lot of various members post with great interest. As for me I'm 43, from rural Virginia, USA. I've been a bodyman/painter for most of my adult life. I currently work at a Restoration Shop where we mainly do Concours style restos on pre-war vehicles. My first car was a 260Z which started my love of Z's. Had a very early Series 1 after the 260 but this was in the pre internet days so I really didn't know what I had at the time. Sold it so I could buy a 4x4 .. Currently I have a one owner '73 that lived it's entire life in California. Most rust free Z I ever have seen. I also have a rusty '71 that I bought on Ebay and got seriously taken. Live and learn I guess. Anyways this is a really great forum and I hope to learn and help out in anyway I can.