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  1. I usually go the opposite way, hence owning a Datsun without any mechanical knowledge Nevertheless, got a hammer and dolly kit on sale at Repco so soon I should report progress on those panels!
  2. Clean looking 260z on Facebook
  3. That's what I was looking for.
  4. It would be easy with all the tools in the garage! Welding will be my next challenge, I'll be asking about alternatives for it soon after I'll force metal into shape with my sheer will
  5. Kuba

    Various early 240z parts needed

    Hey mate, I have the glovebox light assembly (globe is burned out though), will exchange for a wiper motor electric cable grommet
  6. Hi Guys, I'm looking to start repair of lower valance and indicator panels as my first attempt in panel repair, the result doesn't need to be superb quality as I like the airdam look but it also causes me to set-up ramps getting in and out of my driveway. Good excuse to try and learn! I've got panels which are a bit dented and rusted. I've read a few topics and youtube videos to start but will appreciate any tips on where to start, I'm planning to start trying fixing the dents first and then move on to the rust repairs. For starters, is there any alternative to using hammer and dolly for dents repair on panels like those, or should I just try to find a used set on ebay?
  7. Lights more than mirrors, but really both
  8. Other bits are available too, or long gone?
  9. Kuba

    What Did You Do On Your Z Today?

    Fixed a snapped throttle cable on the side of the road, not the ideal part of the anniversary weekend away What's the easiest way to remove the accelerator pedal of this type?
  10. Hi Scotty, It's plastic type with four parts. I've shared the album with everyone so you should be able to see it but PM me your email and I can send you photos this way too. Cheers
  11. Hi, Cleaning up my garage, most parts are from swaps to newer ones so will definitely fit newer model 260z possibly also some older models. Best offers welcome. Available for pickup in Sydney, smaller bits can post on buyers expense. Shocks front and rear, one pair Pedders other unbranded Springs front and rear, most likely original I swapped above for King springs and KYB shocks, unsure about the condition of the old ones but the difference in ride quality wasn't huge. Spare original 260z wheel 4 x Chevion 14x? wheels (most likely 7") / Tyres with tread but 18 years old Rear louvre - good condition no big scratches or cracks Sold Wiper motor with harness - working when taken out Fan motor - working when taken out but squirrel cage cracked Glove box switch - needs a new lightbulb Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/TPjf8ocrHxJuNb2L7
  12. Kuba

    What Did You Do On Your Z Today?

    I'll paint the car black! Maybe, one day
  13. Kuba

    What Did You Do On Your Z Today?

    Finally got to change my wheels and tyres, soo much better than the old tyres! Now I have wheels to sell, I wouldn't think they are worth much but maybe the old spare is?
  14. Kuba

    Racetrack Experience In Japan

    Looking into this now, I think it would be the best bet at the moment, thanks!
  15. Kuba

    Racetrack Experience In Japan

    Yeah, I would rent something on the track itself specifically to be flogged not just any hertz corolla