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  1. I'm interested too!
  2. Thanks for the info everyone, I get that gasoline will degrade over time, but then why are some people recommending to top up instead of draining, something about corrosion in tank/fuel lines or it's just a way to maximize the lifespan of gas?
  3. I'll be heading overseas for a around 3 months and researching how to best prep my 260z for this. Internet advice ranges from do nothing to put heating lamps under the engine I'm thinking about just taking it for a nice long ride, topping up the fuel and over inflating tires a bit. What do you guys usually do?
  4. Wasn't expecting to see yammie video over here, he has some funny ones on bikes.
  5. Kuba

    Centre Console Renovation - DIY

    I'm looking to repair centre console in my 260z and was looking at some alternatives to bed liner for the textured look, ordered this spray of ebay: https://www.u-pol.com/uk/en-uk/product/upol/aerosols-uk/plastic-bumper-repair-aerosols/plast-x-texture-coating#.XDR4-lwzbIV Did anyone use it?
  6. Kuba

    Andrew's 1972 240

    I've had exactly the same thoughts a few times already, we can form a support group
  7. Kuba

    260Z Wiper Motor

    I have one laying around in the garage, unsure about the model year though (I've taken it out of is '77 260z) https://photos.app.goo.gl/yePw3pToJjVmGun87
  8. Got some time over Christmas break and started hammering away, with a stroke of genius decided to test fit panels after a bit and found out the difference between late and early models. I guess better now than later, but I need to figure out what to do next. Good news though is that this would finally allow me to get out of my driveway without using planks!
  9. I usually go the opposite way, hence owning a Datsun without any mechanical knowledge Nevertheless, got a hammer and dolly kit on sale at Repco so soon I should report progress on those panels!
  10. Clean looking 260z on Facebook
  11. That's what I was looking for.
  12. It would be easy with all the tools in the garage! Welding will be my next challenge, I'll be asking about alternatives for it soon after I'll force metal into shape with my sheer will
  13. Kuba

    Various early 240z parts needed

    Hey mate, I have the glovebox light assembly (globe is burned out though), will exchange for a wiper motor electric cable grommet