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  1. Hi Scotty, It's plastic type with four parts. I've shared the album with everyone so you should be able to see it but PM me your email and I can send you photos this way too. Cheers
  2. Hi, Cleaning up my garage, most parts are from swaps to newer ones so will definitely fit newer model 260z possibly also some older models. Best offers welcome. Available for pickup in Sydney, smaller bits can post on buyers expense. Shocks front and rear, one pair Pedders other unbranded Springs front and rear, most likely original I swapped above for King springs and KYB shocks, unsure about the condition of the old ones but the difference in ride quality wasn't huge. Spare original 260z wheel 4 x Chevion 14x? wheels (most likely 7") / Tyres with tread but 18 years old Rear louvre - good condition no big scratches or cracks Wiper motor with harness - working when taken out Fan motor - working when taken out but squirrel cage cracked Glove box switch - needs a new lightbulb Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/TPjf8ocrHxJuNb2L7
  3. Kuba

    What Did You Do On Your Z Today?

    I'll paint the car black! Maybe, one day
  4. Kuba

    What Did You Do On Your Z Today?

    Finally got to change my wheels and tyres, soo much better than the old tyres! Now I have wheels to sell, I wouldn't think they are worth much but maybe the old spare is?
  5. Kuba

    Racetrack Experience In Japan

    Looking into this now, I think it would be the best bet at the moment, thanks!
  6. Kuba

    Racetrack Experience In Japan

    Yeah, I would rent something on the track itself specifically to be flogged not just any hertz corolla
  7. Hi Guys, I'm flying next week to Japan for a bit and was thinking about heading to one of the racetracks there and have a bit of fun in a rented car. I've looked into Suzuka and Fuji Speedway websites but they're not very good and without Japanese it's challenging to find any info. Anyone got any experience organising something similar? For the moment the only thing I could find is http://fun2drive-japan.com/
  8. Kuba

    Springs And Maybe Shocks For '77 260Z

    Thanks guys, springs are found courtesy to @Pb260z and @Cozza. Shocks are on the way from eBay us, hope it'll make a difference in handling I've donated some $ for PeterAllen's springs for the forum. Cheers
  9. Kuba

    Springs And Maybe Shocks For '77 260Z

    Thanks mate, I'll chat with my mechanic about the springs if Kings won't fit I'll just leave the old ones I guess. It's the shocks I definitely need to change. Unfortunately, I've pulled the trigger and bought a set from US yesterday, couldn't find the rears anywhere locally and the price for 4 fronts here is same as 2 fronts and 2 backs with shipping. Maybe over next weekend if that suits? Let's chat over PM.
  10. Kuba

    Springs And Maybe Shocks For '77 260Z

    PM sent.
  11. Kuba

    Excursion To Spencer 20Th May 2018

    Hey Andrew, Hope there are still some spare places, will be nice to join the run. Cheers
  12. Hi Guys, I'm looking for some springs and maybe shocks too for my '77 260z. Was just scouring eBay for some Kings lowered springs (KDFL-04 / KDRS-09) and thought maybe someone has them lying around? Also looking for KYB's 361002 and 361003 which I'll most likely import from the US. I'm open to other options/brands. Cheers
  13. Kuba

    Social Bbq Sat May Postponed - Hornsby

    I'll bring a salad
  14. Hi Guys, I think 7' rims is plenty enough for me
  15. Hi Guys, I'm looking for superlites in preferably 16x7 or 15x7 to suit my 260z with stock suspension. I'll consider other wheels in this style and definitely would be interested in panasports http://www.performancewheels.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Superlite-15x7.jpg