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  1. Matt83

    Front and rear cut sections

    No worries mate. I haven't been on the forums in a while. Cheers.
  2. Matt83

    Front and rear cut sections

    Hi Mate - do you still have these? What suburb are you in? Cheers.
  3. Matt83

    Wheel Centre Bore Enlargement

    Lol you’re funny. they are Dynamic D Hole steelys 15x8 i think they were about $85 ea I ended up couriering them to Dr Wheels at Yatala. was much cheaper than I thought.
  4. Can anyone recommend a business in the Caboolture area to increase the centre bore of a steel wheel from 66.1mm to 73mm to match the hub of my 260z? I've looked into hub centric spacer options but most seem to be the other way around (73mm wheel to 66.1mm vehicle hub). All the local engineering and machining firms I've called weren't interested.
  5. Matt83

    260z 2+2 Passanger rear 1/4

    Looking to get hold of a passenger side rear quarter for my 76 2+2. Mine had been butchered and hidden under a thick coat of filler by the previous owner, and I think it would be more cost effective to replace the whole section.
  6. Matt83

    L24 Engine Market Value

    Just to add to this.... as mentioned the L28's are increasing in popularity, so what is an L28 bottom end going for these days?
  7. Matt83

    Hi From Brisbane

    So just a little bit of an update on the car... Engine and gearbox, and interior have been removed. Engine bay cleared out of all paraphernalia. Have the car booked in for a media (glass bead) blast at the end of the month, followed up with a primer being laid on the next day. Plans at this stage are to sort out the rust over the next few months and get the manual conversion completed. Will throw up some pics when i get a chance.
  8. Matt83

    Free Beer

    Well I managed to get the trans out this afternoon, the engine should be a piece of cake next weekend. I don't have the OEM hooks for the engine but i'll get something sorted out.
  9. Matt83

    Free Beer

    I'm offering a free carton or two to anyone who'd like to come out and help me remove my engine and auto trans. I've removed the exhaust, carbs, hosing etc, i'm just at a stage now where the engine and trans need to come out (have a blown head gasket + doing a manual conversion) I've never done this before and its probs a more than one person job. I can source an engine crane if req, and have most std tools - just need the manpower and knowledge. Located on Northside Brisbane Cheers Matt **Admin if this is in the wrong area please feel free to move thread.**
  10. Matt83

    Primer Question

    Thanks for the tips
  11. Matt83

    Primer Question

    I see in other threads that Wattyl Super Etch gets good reviews. Has anyone used it in the spraycan form? Are the results just as good? Keen to know as I don't think I'll be investing in a spray gun so the spray can would be very handy.
  12. Matt83

    Hi From Brisbane

    Agreed - would definitely like to upgrade them at some stage. I'll just add it to the list haha. I'm out at Morayfield.
  13. Matt83

    Hi From Brisbane

    Well I finally got it started this morning. It's rough, it's loud, it has stuff all compression in 2 cylinders but it ran !!! ? Link to vid below