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  1. https://www.facebook.com/groups/740335446098903/permalink/1477143355751438/?sale_post_id=1477143355751438 Not mine Guys but this has just popped up on the 240Z l 260Z S30 Owners Australia page on Facebook. The Guys nae is saac Smith and his number is 0437262143
  2. russandra

    WTB Lowered King springs

    I have a set of Kings lowered coils, were installed in a car but never actually used in brand new condition. Not sure what that are worth though. Probably thinkinh $250 plus postage for set front and rears. Not needed now as I have a good set of 240z springs in my car already.
  3. Hey fellas This has probably been answered many times but I can't find the answer I am looking for. What is the difference in height between the mounting holes of a R33 caliper and a Z32 TT caliper to the centre line of the pistons? The R33 uses a 296mm rotor (Part DBA4963) the Z32 a 280mm rotor (DBA909) from the DBA Catalogue. The rears are the same rotors. Looking at doing the Nissan 4spot conversion on the Z and going to the SW Motorsport brackets. Will these brackets work with the Z32 as I know Stewart made these for R33 conversion? I can get a good deal on Z32's, hence the Q's. I could go a completely different way with the brakes but I am wanting to do a conversion where in 20 years time I don't have issues buying spare parts and I know these brakes look the part. Also if anyone has any other differences between these calipers can you please share. I am also going the In Hat drum rear conversion also. It is much neater and also stronger than the R31 rear calipers. I had a r31 18 years ago and the R31 brakes are not very good. Thank Guys
  4. russandra

    Wtb air conditioning

    Hi all. Chasing an Air Con bracket and pulley wheel etc so I can install A/C into a 240z.. If someone has the under dash unit for a 240z/260z it would be fantastic.
  5. russandra

    Some more cool Z videos - youtube.com

    My mistake guys about the 260Z bit. It is still a really nice car. Have they registered it this way in the belief that it may prop up the price? I don't think they would do that, probably just the RTA having no idea what the vehicle is.
  6. russandra

    Some more cool Z videos - youtube.com

    I really dont care what the doubters say, but the MCM 260z is a beuatiful car. A very tasteful retro mod.
  7. russandra

    Bulk Panel Import Round 2 - May 2018

    Thanks for the update Gav, When you are ready for $ just give us a shout.
  8. russandra

    Kaemari/Harada vs Jenvey Inlet Manifold port sizes

    Thanks guys, I reckon by the time I get my 240Z completed I might die. But bringing a car back from its death could have the tendency to so that.. Also I am thinking more of keeping the rod operated throttle instead of cable. Thinking it may look better and if Datsun didn't think it would work well they probably would have gone to cable to save a bit on money anyways.
  9. russandra

    Kaemari/Harada vs Jenvey Inlet Manifold port sizes

    Can you measure the port sizes for me. Did you get the big port or small port.
  10. I am chasing a little info on the Kaemari/Harada manifold verses Jenvey Manifolds. Currently building a L28 F54 Stroker (88.5mm bore and 83mm V07 Crank). I have a 39mm port size on the N42 head and I am going to use the Tapered 52/50/48 ITB's from EFI Hardware with a Haltech Elite 750 (unconfirmed). Most likely when I get the Inlet Manifold I will finish off the port size to match them for even flow.. The inlet manifold and head will get flow tested to ensure even CFM per cylinder. A custom tuned length set of Headers will be built by a good friend who is a race engineer. This engine should conservatively put around 220 to 230 RWH as I am keeping it relatively mild ie its not one of LCR's Ferrari Engines. Kaemari/Harada manifolds come in both small port and big port versions. The Jenvey Manifolds have a large port, 50mm at the Inlet and 40mm at the head. Does anyone know what the port sizes of both versions of the Kaemari/Harada are? I Haven't seen one in the flesh as yet to measure them. I can buy the Jenvey direct for the UK but they are not cheap at around $750+ plus shipping and they are a big investment. I think the Kamera/Harada are a little cheaper, what is the best way to obtain them and how much? Any help from the L series boffins will be appreciated.
  11. This car appears to be immaculate. Very nice unmolested 280zx. I dont have spare funds, but it is nice to know these are still out there. Gumtree Mint condition 280zx, http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/priestdale/other-automotive/mint-condition-280zx/1188127866?utm_source=com.google.android.apps.docs&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_android
  12. russandra

    Bulk Panel Import Round 2 - May 2018

    If you could source a good rear hatch for a 73 240z model, I will take one please. Glass and any auxillaries (Locks etc) not required, just the metal hatch.
  13. Hi fellas, I bought one of these. On special from the USA. Front spoiler airdam. I like the look of these. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F401298880085
  14. russandra

    Bulk Panel Import Round 2 - May 2018

    I have previouly asked for a front radiator support or front clip, a set of front a right guards all for a 73 240Z. Still need them Gav. Also a 73 centre console. Can easily send you some cash when needed. Send me a pm when you are ready please mate.