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  1. Nick odato

    Wanted 240/260Z 2 Seat Hatch And Maybe Some Doors

    Hi Mike, I know the 2+2 had different door latch areas. But I didn't know the 2 seater did! Cheers for that! It's a 74, cheers, Nick
  2. Hi guys I'm chasing a new hatch for my 260z 2 seater as mine is toast! Closer to melb in Victoria the better but willing to pay for shipping for a decent hatch, also keen on some doors, please contact me with any pics or prices etc, cheers Nick Nickoeldrich@netspace.net.au
  3. Nick odato

    260Z 2+2 Dogleg Group Buy Savings

    I'd be up for a set left and right, also very keen on a roof replacement panel for a 2 seater! How much is estimated for a complete new roof skin? Cheers
  4. Nick odato

    My 2 Seater 260

    Yeah there is a small hole about 3mm in diameter , along with all the pitting, the edges and gutters and the rear piller are fine tho. Nah not a sunroof repair, but I'm just taking a guess with the vinyl as have dealt with other cars that had vinyl roofs and looked very similar in ways of metal damage. Yeah will have a look around for a new roof, If your going to do a job do it right I say ! Otherwise I might have to get a new roof fabbed up for it. Makes the rust in my ae86 look like nothing! Cheers
  5. Nick odato

    My 2 Seater 260

    The plan is to keep it, even if I do sell it I don't the next guy to be lumped with the problem! Guess I'll start looking for a roof cut in good condition... Maybe I'll have better luck winning tattslotto!
  6. Nick odato

    My 2 Seater 260

    Dis a light sand, attached is some of the damaged areas, it's mainly the centre of the roof, the edges are fine
  7. Nick odato

    My 2 Seater 260

    Yeah but hard tell from the photo, I'll flap disk a bit and blast a little bit and take a closer up photo of the damage. Cheers guys
  8. Nick odato

    My 2 Seater 260

    Yeah it's not to bad, as a lot of the bog around the edge of the roof has protected the roof itself. I have a garnet / media blaster and it comes up ok in sections. It's just pitted. I was just abit scared to find a better word.. Of filling in small pits on a large semi flexible ser face like a roof. I'm new to this page so I'll have a look through some things and find if there's some others that have been done. Thanks for any help and suggestions! Cheers Nick
  9. Hi guys after a roof cut in good to great condition as mines stuffed, also need a hatch for a 2 seater. I have lots of spares if someone needs a part I cba do a part trade etc! Shoot me over what you got and where you are and how much you want for it! I'm in Victoria! Cheers Nick
  10. Nick odato

    My 2 Seater 260

    Thanks Jeff. Yeah I don't mind doing the rest of the body work, I have a very rusty 2+2 to work on too, but the roof panel I want done right. Anyone got a roof cut lying around? Or has anyone taken something similar to panel shop etc or attempted doing a swap themselves? I have lots of spares from a couple or 2+2 if anyone needs a part.
  11. Nick odato

    My 2 Seater 260

    Hi guys photo as asked, yeah I kinda thought the cut and replace would be the best option. Also need a new hatch as the existing is shoot!
  12. Nick odato

    My 2 Seater 260

    Hi guys I'm after a lil help, I have a260 that has some pitting in the roof and a few small rust holes. I'm wondering what the best way to fix it is as I don't want it to come back in a few years, I think it had a vinyl roof at some stage as it's rather pitted in the centre and not to bad around the edges. Cheers and Thanks in advance! Nick