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  1. Hi mate Im after the Drivers side rear qtr from the tail light through to wheel arch qtr window and drivers door frame.
  2. No worries Ok see you then
  3. Hi Gav not sure its a 76 model bought from Carlos at Classic sports. Hi Pete might take you up on that engine hoist offer gotta check my engine first for any damage from the collision as the friction plate collapsed on impact when thats sorted ill be ready to pop it in . Hi George well its sort of 4 ; 77 2+2( wreck), 74 260z Sons car (on rotisserie), 76 260z just purchased 05 350z wifes car (Boss)
  4. An empty space he took it out wasnt part of the deal
  5. Hi all Just bought this 260z from Carlos @ Classic Sports Ex Targa Rally car (some of you may remember its been up for sale for a while) Im going put myL28 in with triple webers (out of my Damaged 2+2) and change it back to a road car on conditional plates. As for my other vehicle the Damaged 2+2 body Im undecided as to repair it or not. Thanks all for your help and updates! Andrew
  6. ok thank that would be good
  7. Now that would be a novelty to fly out there and have a look! havent been to Alice or the Rock!
  8. yes Iam or a 260 2seater
  9. Hi all yes I looked this car "240z" from car sales last week the seller is asking 37k for it it's absolutely full of cancer really needs to be stripped and a full rebuild everywhere I looked there was Bog if there wasn't Bog there was terrible repairs, not much out there at all Im afraid say just my luck!
  10. Hanging in there for a s30 or dreaming of 1985
  11. Still looking really want a 2 seater s30 did you get my email on that shell in melbourne?