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  1. arbs

    Big order from the states

    If your not in a Hurry he s ok. However he can procrastinate for months on end.Then tell you he has got the part then a week later on the day you organise to pick it up he"ll tell he hasnt had a chance to look for it! HA it goes on!
  2. no vents no flow through ventilation ! could have vented cabin elsewhere but could risk sucking exhaust fumes like early 240z s
  3. Wonder what happened to the side in the rear 1/4 pillars?
  4. Hi all Im sure this vehicle sold at Grays on line back in June $16,409 had fair bit of cancer in it .When I was looking for a replacement for my wreck! http://www.graysonline.com/lot/0001-10005839/motor-vehiclesmotor-cycles/1975-datsun-260z-grs-sport-2-2-5-spd-man-triple-su-carbys-sunroof-aust-del
  5. Hi all may remember my accident back in May 20 ? just thought I'd post a few pictures of my 260z ex- rally car addition and the stage were up to. Had to strip seats out cut out intrusion bars from roll cage (as I couldn't fit my big backside into the vehicle and the seats where too small) have done a few rust repairs we installed seat mounts for standard seats, removed steering column as the original steering column was welded for rally purposes, removed coilover suspension (as requirements for registration would not permit unless engineered) new heavy duty clutch, gearbox and motor now fitted in vehicle just need to sort the Electrics out new windscreen seat belts and trim and we should be ready for a rego hope to be on road soon! when is the next run?
  6. arbs

    camshaft oil spray bar

    Hi guys can somebody help me out here I have an oil spray bar that is has metal fatigue and is loose at one end and broken off the other end has anybody had these repaired or made another type up? It looks like you can be welded or brazed and has been before in the middle.
  7. arbs

    Project 51 In 907 Green

    I reckon that Sheds got Character!
  8. is this still available?
  9. Still Available ?
  10. Hi mate Im after the Drivers side rear qtr from the tail light through to wheel arch qtr window and drivers door frame.
  11. No worries Ok see you then
  12. Hi Gav not sure its a 76 model bought from Carlos at Classic sports. Hi Pete might take you up on that engine hoist offer gotta check my engine first for any damage from the collision as the friction plate collapsed on impact when thats sorted ill be ready to pop it in . Hi George well its sort of 4 ; 77 2+2( wreck), 74 260z Sons car (on rotisserie), 76 260z just purchased 05 350z wifes car (Boss)