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    The Potential Downside To Racing

    So the BRE replica is a friend of mine.... going down the front straight at Thunderhill he was tagged by another car that sent him off the track sideways at 80-100 mph. To make matters worse, he slid sideways into a drainage ditch in the infield which started the roll. First roll knocked him out, he came to when emergency truck arrived and was on it's side. The cage was in the car when he purchased it many years ago and it had been raced in the 80's. B Production?? Necksgen was worn along with full restraints. Car was not equipped with a full wrap around race seat which he said that he would never do without in the future. Car has been stripped and is in the shop. I can get some pics of the roll bar breaks and deformation if you chaps are interested.
  2. SacCyclone

    Datsun Grey/Gray Paint

    I just found it in the auto parts store last week in California.
  3. SacCyclone

    Datsun Grey/Gray Paint

    Thanks Gav... I will try the gray and see how that turns out.
  4. SacCyclone

    Datsun Grey/Gray Paint

    gav240z: I have a set of early series 1 hub caps similar to the set you posted pics of on this thread. Have you found a paint color for those or are you just using a flat black??
  5. I got a set with one of the 72 240 Zeds i purchased last year. Here is a pic of them and a second pic with a Nissan part number which may help in your search. They are very hard to find so I am hanging on to this pair. Hope the part number helps.
  6. SacCyclone

    Datsun Grey/Gray Paint

    We have been using this for several years after comparing several different rattle can variants to a couple of original paint cars. HWP102 Graphite. Seems to work well without too much gloss.
  7. This is the look I'm going for. I already have the front wings.
  8. The cage car will get a Ford small block 331(400-450 HP) stroker and tremec 5 speed. I have a Q45 diff but not sure if I'm using it yet. Wilwood brakes all around and a body kit for 10" wheels. I already have coil over suspension for the car, just have not hung it on yet, need to get the body work done. All seams are stitch welded so that's out of the way. Still a big work in progress.
  9. Yes, my mistake....Zed's. Couple of pics of my current drivers and projects.
  10. My name is Mike McShane from Sacramento. My dad introduced me to Z cars when he bought a new Z in 1976, 1978, and 1980. I drove several of those cars during high school and then later bought my own 240z's after college. I currently have (4) 240Z's and have owned many many more. Currently drive a 71 918 Orange street / track car with a 2.8, triples, 5 speed from a 240sx, and Subi LSD. Another full cage track only car that will run a 331 Ford stroker and 5 speed. My two other Z's are both stock 72's, one orange and one blue. I am retired but have part of a shop with a friend of mine who races a 70 240 BRE tribute car. He has several other cars as well, including a 240Z open track car and (2) roadster track cars. Look forward to the discussions and information with everyone.