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  1. Groundhog

    260Z 2+2 Quarter Window Handle Rubber Spacers

    Interesting to see that you still have the leather pull tab on the handle. Most of the time these are missing. I have one, that is coloured to match the cream upholstery.
  2. Groundhog

    l26 ignition help

    Advance maybe one of your problems. Have a look at the advance plate under the points. The carrier that holds the ball bearings is usually gone and hence no advance. There should be three ball bearings at the end of the plastic arms. I remade mine in aluminium to fix the advance.
  3. Groundhog

    72 bonnet latch

    The early bonnet latches had the pivot pin in a pressed out section of the channel bent 90 degrees. THis was a weak point and in later bonnet latches they spot welded in the hinge. You can see the spot welded section and hinge.
  4. Groundhog

    72 bonnet latch

    I've made a zRHD latch into a LHD latch. I.made a new hook as the tab to release has to be bent 180the other way. The part with the pastic coating. There is also a high side and low side on the base plate where the spring retainer holes are. You can do it but a purist would spot the difference. If you want one to modify PM me.
  5. Groundhog

    72 bonnet latch

    Be aware that catches on LHD and RHD cars are opposite handed due to the pull cable coming from the other side.
  6. Groundhog

    Door window frame rear seal- assembly help

    Great thanks. Can't get much clearer than that. GH
  7. All I just want to confirm I have this right before I go ahead and glue it down. Does the small rubber seal that fits around the window frame at the rear of the door go in between the frame and door? I assume it is glued onto the S.S. window frame before it is inserted into the door?
  8. Groundhog

    Bolt tension guide

    Provided by another Datto fan. A useful guide from an old Datsun manual
  9. Groundhog

    Clutch slave cylinder return spring

    I'm in the throws of reassembly and at the stage of fitting the clutch slave cylinder. I cannot find a return spring for the clutch slave cylinder which makes me question if one was ever fitted? The parts manual shows a spring however the clutch fork and cylinder dont have an obvious fitting point for them It's a '77 Model 260Z with a 71B gearbox. All help appreciated. GH
  10. Groundhog

    Reassembly help- engine cross member to chassis bolts

    Thanks. Will reattach tomorrow with the right"9" bolts. I have also had to deal with mixed up fasteners 4, 7 and 9's across the whole build. How you find the car may not be how it was built with a mix up of metric coarse and fine as well.
  11. Can anyone help me identify the grade of bolt for fastening the engine crossmember to the chassis rails on a 260Z? Part no. 5 & 6 in the copied image. #5 Bolt - M10 x 1.25 Pt No. 08134-02510 #6 Nut - Ditto Pt No. 08911-24010 What I am trying to work out is if the bolt head has a "7" or "9" signifying tensile strength. When you get a bunch of fasteners back from plating, it takes a bit to sort out what goes where.
  12. Groundhog

    Springs And Maybe Shocks For '77 260Z

    I am fitting KONI Red 86-1917 Adjustable shocks with the lowered springs.
  13. Groundhog

    Springs And Maybe Shocks For '77 260Z

    Sorry for the delay. Im in Portugal on a bike holiday and away from my notes for a month. The only suggestion i can make is to contact Ken at Accurate Suspension. He has my Koni fronts for rebuild. He may also be able to offer alternatives.
  14. Groundhog

    Assorted Parts For Sale

    PM on the Mikunis
  15. Groundhog

    The Global Z-car (S30/S130) Market Thread.

    For sale in Portugal. 38.500 € https://www.olx.pt/anuncio/datsun-240-z-IDAWXUQ.html