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  1. Hi guys, These came with my project bus, I intend on running some aftermarket bucket seats so have no need for these. Overall in pretty good condition, but they've gotten a bit dusty from being stored in the garage. I'm after $sold, but willing to swap for some aftermarket seats and rails plus obvious cash adjustments. If purchasing, it's pick up only. From 2769 NSW. Thanks. Rails are included with the seats.
  2. Sorry guys, shell is gone. Most of it's been cut up and are now helping put other buses on the road.
  3. manyu

    Cecil - my 1973 240z

    Great looking car mate! Is that the factory 901 silver?
  4. manyu

    WTB Rotisserie to suit 2+2 Sydney.

    Jeff, that sounds great mate. I'll flick you a PM this evening. Thanks.
  5. Would prefer to borrow for about 4-5 weeks if possible, will pay costs. Do let me know if there's any in Sydney that are available. Thanks.
  6. All PM's replied to. Also have all air conditioning setup for sale. Compressor, bracket, lines, receiver dryer, and condenser. After $550 for the lot of that.
  7. Updated first post with sold items. Replied to all PM's and posts in order. Sorry Bruce, first things to go. Replied Plenty of rust, flap itself is okay. Has vent pull tabs, but I'm keeping the clock to play with sorry. It doesn't work, I want to try and bring it back to life. Might sell it if it works at a later stage. Not original, someones gone over it very poorly. 306 Silver original, 77 model yes. Replied.
  8. Hi Gav, It's worse than it looks, floors and rails are pretty good, but not much else that can be saved. But it's helping put another one on the road. Hi Andrew, Bonnet I'll be keeping for mine mate, sorry. Rear of roof where the hatch bolts to is rusty, but I'll send some pictures this week and you can PM me if you're still interested. Sorry Mick, don't have anything that'll help you.
  9. Hi Guys, I have a fairly rusty 2+2 that I'm scavenging some parts off. Just wondering if there is any interest in specific metal cuts that bus restorers are looking for before the shell gets scrapped completely. Sills and doglegs are useless, ask about specific pieces and I'll check for you. Also have a pair of front seats for sale, drivers side has rips but still very save-able - $400 Air conditioning Compressor, bracket, lines, receiver dryer, and condenser - $550 for the lot of that. Parts Sold: Bumpers and grill Rear beaver panel grommets Front indicator housings and lenses Located NSW 2769.
  10. manyu

    [Nsw] 1975 260Z 2+2

    Car is now sold. Thanks
  11. manyu

    [Nsw] 1975 260Z 2+2

    Deposit Taken.
  12. manyu

    [Nsw] 1975 260Z 2+2

    Thanks all, hoping it goes to someone that appreciates it. Have had a gentleman make an offer today, but was just that touch too low. It's currently still on the market for those interested, feel free to PM me fore my phone number if you'd like to have a chat. Thanks, Manyu.
  13. manyu

    [Nsw] 1975 260Z 2+2

    For sale is my bus, purchased off Ben Ellis (Otomoto) last year in a state of slight neglect, but have spent countless hours working on it myself and also by Stewart Wilkins Motorsport. Big change in circumstances for me will not see the car get the attention it deserves. 1975 Datsun 260z 2+2 L28 N42/N42 Combo 240z Round top carb (3 screw) 5 speed manual Sunroof (does not leak) Since my ownership I've had the following work done by Stewart Wilkins Motorsport, receipts will be provided. Full overhaul on the twin SU's. Reconditioned brake booster. Fix door locking issue. Fix indicator stalk issue. New Battery. I've done a fair bit of work myself with the electrical issues in and around the car. Added relays to the headlight circuit as per wiring diagrams from here. Takes a pretty big load off the cars electrical system. Oil/Filter and plugs have been changed very recently (<1000kms) Replaced speedometer cable. Replaced speedometer/odometer gauge with a working unit. Re-fitted the head-unit that was previously removed. (Have sourced a genuine 260z unit, not sure if in working condition) Replaced battery negative cable (old one was rooted) Painted rear garnish and a few other bits and pieces. Interior is in reasonable condition, dash has been recovered at some stage, so no cracks but has a small bubble on top of the gauges. Body is in pretty good nick, it's been painted sometime recently and there's a few imperfections from that. Top of passenger door and a bit on the bottom of radiator support seem like the biggest culprits to me. Rear hatch slam panel seems pretty solid. Motor and gearbox are solid, although there is a small oil leak from the sump. (I've purchased the gasket, haven't had time to install it) For people that are worried about it's reliability, I've driven the car daily since I've bought it. Couple of pictures: Please note: Nardi steering wheel pictured is not included in the sale as it was a birthday present for me from a couple of good friends. NSW number plates will go with the car along with the genuine Watanabe wheels. Price: $15000 Location: The Ponds NSW 2769. Contact: Please PM if you'd like to know more or arrange a viewing.
  14. Checked the vent hose, not leaking. The fumes I'm complaining about are exhaust fumes, only happens after hard acceleration when near full tank. Doesn't happen below half tank. Think my main issue here is that the car is RUNNING noticeably richer on a full tank of petrol, fumes are a secondary issue. Hoping someone can shed light on why it'd only run rich when it's got a full tank of petrol. Cheers.
  15. Don't think it's the vent hose as the fumes are not constant, it's only after you've been flogging it. It's running an electric pump near the tank, not mechanical.