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  1. manya3084

    2 X 280Zx Wrecks

    Looking for a centre console and the lower part of the dash of they are available. Doesn't matter on the colour. Let me know. Cheers, Anthony
  2. manya3084

    New To The 1983 280Zx Family

    Here's a link to a photo album with random photos taken through the build. https://goo.gl/photos/3GTp4sTtvP7WWtbi6 Still waiting for my Megasquirt 3 to get released from customs so I can go sequential. hence why the wiring is only temporary. Also, for some reason my ford coils just don't want to play nice in wasted spark so I've given up on that idea and just ordered some LS2 coils. There's still a lot of bugs to iron out, oil a weeping oil pump gasket, but, for a home job, turned out quite well. Thing really starts moving even on 5PSI ;-)
  3. manya3084

    New To The 1983 280Zx Family

    OK, well, slow progress yesterday, got all my ECU wiring done, but the thing wouldn't fire up. Turned out my adjustable fuel pressure regulator was faulty. Lucky my mate had a stock GTR one (my fuel rail takes standard Nissan FPR). After drying out the cylinders, turned the key and.... https://goo.gl/photos/joBVKmXZxgWnv4xh9 Bit annoyed that the head shop didn't set the valves to the standard measurements like I asked them to, so once I pick it up from the exhaust shop tomorrow, i'll have to have fun tackling that. Also, car is running pretty rough with my basic tune. Was a lot of fun driving 5kms to the shop with nothing but a dump pipe . Hopefully no EPA letters in the mail
  4. manya3084

    New To The 1983 280Zx Family

    Definitely not a....Toy ;-) https://www.amazon.com/Alltrade-648831-Nissan-Timing-Holding/dp/B0002Q8TV4 Should have it fired up today. Bit of wiring since I ripped all the old wiring out. Sort of a bit lost in terms of having a recirculating bov and crankcase pressure since the only room I have for the pod is directly on the turbo. Thanks, Anthony
  5. manya3084

    New To The 1983 280Zx Family

    I'll just post the photos to explain what is currently happening with my car....
  6. Hi all, Currently assembling my turbo 280zx. Big work done this weekend. Still got all the annoying small things to do. Anyway, have the N42 head off the car, was running fine when removed. $280 Also, extractors, 3+3 into 2. Ill take photos tomorrow and post them. $150 All items are located in Mill Park. There will be more things for sale in the coming week so stay tuned. Cheers, Anthony
  7. manya3084

    L28 F54 P90A, Flattop Pistons?

    No Turbo for us. USA, Europe, and Japan. Although, Japan got the smaller 2.0L motor.
  8. manya3084

    L28 F54 P90A, Flattop Pistons?

    Was there actually any Australian delivered Datsun with a factory P90 head? A lot from what I've read in the last few months point to it being a Turbo only head.
  9. manya3084

    L28 F54 P90A, Flattop Pistons?

    I'll tell you how the turbo setup works out with the same combination. Booked a week off in September to finally assembled all the bits Ive acquired. Valve train noise should be really quite if you have a hydraulic lifter setup. Take off the valve cover and you should be lacking the valve adjusters that my P90 has.
  10. manya3084

    Rota Rims

  11. manya3084

    Wtb 280Zx Ecu Engine Loom

    Hi Alan, I'm building a new loom for my custom megasquirt ecu which I am currently running. That's why the pinouts are not really a concern. As I built the megasquirt into a stock ecu box, I need the ecu connector to be able to make a nice new loom with all the new wiring that I have. Also I am running high impedance injecotrs now so the resistor pack is not really needed. The harness I have is currently a mess of chopped and changed wiring that I created to get the megasquirt running. More function over astheics as you may say. Cheers, Anthony
  12. manya3084

    Wtb 280Zx Ecu Engine Loom

    Lol, just noticed the typo, just edited it now to make it clearer. Keep me posted if you come across one. Cheers Anthony
  13. manya3084

    Wtb 280Zx Ecu Engine Loom

    Hi Alan, Just the wiring. I already have an ecu. Cheers Anthony