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  1. aircobra

    3 screw Su needle advice needed.

    did you ever get a source for the needles? do you know what is supposed to be stock for a 240?
  2. aircobra

    Wanted 260Z rear clip

    i got a rust free hatch, but needs panel work
  3. aircobra

    just can't get the doorglass to line up

    in bf#33, where does #1 go? you can see by the photo, i think i've put it in wrong
  4. aircobra

    just can't get the doorglass to line up

    right, the adjstable bits are #1 and #3 on BF-32 that's the ones i'm fiddling with just noticed that you got to put in the roller and the outside trim on first i ll take a couple more shots
  5. hi all, spend the best part of 4 hours trying to line up the glass on the left door and just can;t get it right. it laves about 5 mm gap on the back side of the frame i worked that the main positioning piece is the guiderail at the front of the door, with the holes having plenty of adjustment. no matter if i slide it to the forward or the back position ( or any tilts in between), it either jams half way down or slides easily but leaves a gap i've checked all the bolts on the frame, the window winder rails, etc and they all seem to line up is there some sort of a trick to this? ps. i'll post a pic in the morning. for now. i better walk away from the garage before i set the whole thing on fire
  6. aircobra

    door frames - stainless or chrome

    somebody's gone over them with wirebrush, so deep scratches all round i'm guessing i'll have to go over it with 2000 sandpaper or similar and then the polishing compound. autosol
  7. no hardware, not perfect in a couple of ways sprayed in 110 red not so good - some rust roles along the inner bottom frame were patched up, one of the corners slightly bent the great bits 1.new skin 2.no rust 3.i can package it up for shipping
  8. aircobra

    Engine crane/hoist to borrow/hire/site donation

    i got a leveller if you need
  9. aircobra

    door frames - stainless or chrome

    from what i can tell, they're supposed to be stainless how come my ones are rusting?
  10. aircobra

    240 lhs mirror, oem, s.hand, chinese replica

    where? i can only find $140 us + shipping at zcardepot
  11. let me know what you have. i've been told you can ship these for $100 via toll thank you
  12. as per title
  13. aircobra

    Various bits for sale

    how much for the electric aerial? does it work? is it orig?
  14. aircobra

    New battery mount fitment

    i have a thick piece of rubber jammed in there. original photos are not clear on the polarity for the RHD cars yeah, its pretty crap like that