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  1. aircobra

    New battery mount fitment

    i have a thick piece of rubber jammed in there. original photos are not clear on the polarity for the RHD cars yeah, its pretty crap like that
  2. aircobra

    coin tray for early 240 console

    the ones that sits across the console at the back thanks
  3. aircobra

    dome light 240/260 must have lens

    any condition as long as lens is more or less intact. 2+2 had the same lens thanks
  4. aircobra

    Classic car bubble

    not sure if you know, but GQ is a men's FASHION magazine what did you expect?
  5. aircobra

    Classic car bubble

    so 944 was around 40k in the 80s from memory, which must equate to 130k in 2018 money ( that's how much the cheapest boxter is) yours for 15k today. 928 worth double the $s new, but now selling for the same - i think the maintenance $s would be keeping the buyers away ... the market is a harsh judge
  6. aircobra

    Classic car bubble

    first in relation to the 944 - as a 112kw series one .( up to 184kw in later turbo cars). i'm staying away from the "specials" and "rare" versions YES, it would have been DIFFERENT to drive, since it had bigger wheels and brakes, as well as 30% pwer bump up from the measley 82 kw van unit of the 924 NO, its not a different car in engineering terms to the 924 - it is still a 4 cyl, front engine, non turbo transaxle design 2 door platform, If you look at the blueprints, they're identical. In fact, in teh 80s you could buy a fiberglass kit with bigger guards, chuck on funchs wheel replicas and bob's your uncle In a funny sidenote, a new 924 cost TWICE as much as 280ZX but this thread is not about engineering but about market values the tests for which is very simple - original factory price/price now. on that basis, the market has spoken and the 944/boxers/caymans/928 fail compared to the 911. period as to the the abysmal nissan z story in 2018 want to know which mainstream jap brand has done a very neat 2 door car and a v8 as well? https://www.lexus.com.au/models/lc/overview Not saying its cheap, but gosh, the turrett line looks exactly of a 240 !!
  7. aircobra

    Classic car bubble

    easy to be smart in hindsight, but i believe that car was advertised by the "sex in the city" chick should have known better
  8. aircobra

    New 240Z Door Shells

    i got bumper bars from the bloke and they were ok
  9. aircobra

    Classic car bubble

    in regards to the porshe $s, it seems to be that 1. 924/4 was always a poverty special and still doesn't stand out. 0-100 its slower then a stock Z. Why bother? I actually owned a 924 way back and its VW van engine, complete with vw badges always made me laugh 2. 928 belongs to the "big engine grand touerer" class, which is a dead segment - just ask SUPRA, jaguar xjs and Subaru SVX owners, although clearly a supercar back in the day. The other factor is that it is a tempramental and complicated car, at least compared to the Z. The older they get, the more true it becomes. Have a look at one of the 928 engine rebuilds on youtube and you'll get weak knees and I would say a pro-rebuilt stock motor, not even at the dealer is a 20k proposition 3. So unsuprisingly that leaves the 911a as a "back to basics", compact machine with a decent race history, which is worth the $$$s That's just my take on it, ther'll be some porsche guy on this forum who may have a better analysis on that brand and if that person has a 69-72 stock, it would be a fun race around the curves just to see how it would stack up against a z of the era. Until they pimped up the capacity in, I think, '73 it would be neck to neck
  10. aircobra

    Classic car bubble

    don;t know much about gtrs, but i do know that ferrrari, aston and jag charge 2-4 times for a car with the same or worse specs but coming back to the z, i see in the press is saying oct'19 (?) for a reveal on the next Z. that could give Z values a boost, but it all depends on how good or a bad job nissan does. if they stick with the current "prop from a transformer movie" look - not likely jag, for example, did a fab job with the f-type 3 years ago
  11. aircobra

    Classic car bubble

    and the point I was making on the brand is that "oldies" from Jaguar and Ferrari area all propped by existing halos on that brand and the fact they continue to be premium and current brands at this point Not so for Datsun
  12. aircobra

    Classic car bubble

    1. in regard to the porsche comment, only a subset of their range is worth any money, which is the aircooled RS-spec cars and the 356s ( although I think these have now peaked) Boxters, Cayne, 944,928s can all be had for chump money. Some ( but not me) would say a bargain 2. agree that the Z cars prices are in the context of the overall vintage market and certainly not punting on that segment as a whole
  13. aircobra

    Classic car bubble

    TOP OF THE MARKET FOR ZS- I'm calling it I reckon its plateaud for the moment and here's my rationale, split into 2 parts NISSAN 1. Nissan's absolutely disgraceful performance with the current Z series. This is an ageing car, the sales are abysmal world-wide and the roadmap is not clear, with Nissan now vacillating for years what to do with this segment, all the while MX-5 and Toyota 86 eat up the 2 seater segment. I visited my local dealer to buy some hinge pins and even he has fessed up that the Z has been sitting in the showroom for months and generated very low traffic 2. Failure of the Infiniti brand worlwide. What could have been a Lexus style winner is a fizzler - worldwide 3. The brother "halo car" GTR is also a 15 year old design and getting older 4. Now for the final disgrace, have a look at what Nissan is doing with the newly revives Datsun brand in India https://www.datsun.co.in/?&utm_campaign=datsunoctgeneric2018&cid=psm_datsunoctgeneric2018_awareness_google_branddatsun&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIxveKlaeJ3gIVFODICh1HJAFkEAAYASAAEgIN1PD_BwE Its pitched at a discount, below Suzuki level Yeah. that's a really aspirational brand !!! SUPPLY 1. Supply Plenty to choose from and since the cars are not getting wrecked anymore, staying steady 2. Competition '60s Alfas ( I think they're called 105 GTVs) are riding the brand revival wave from Alfa ( and Ferrari by reflection) and have now passed the Zs. Not arguing they;re a better car, but the brand drives the price IN SUMMARY As a Z owner, I get the point about the car looks, historical significance and performance, but I reckon its the peak The only thing that would turn this around is the Nissan (of course now part-owned by Renault) getting their finger out and doing something to impress the market as a brand and Z as a label DISCLAIMER: The argument applies to 100% factory-issued 240z. The "modded' cars always have their place
  14. aircobra

    Dimensions for the standard 240 muffler

    had a look inside - its as restrictive as hell - has 3 baffles and very small perforations in the tubes i dont know if anyone still has one of these, but highly likely that stock 240 sounded absolutely granny spec pretty disappointing - i though it would have some special magic inside
  15. aircobra

    Dimensions for the standard 240 muffler

    including some photos i think i worked out the jdm-car-parts mystery https://jdm-car-parts.com/blogs/news/15973536-original-oem-type-muffer-and-down-pipe-finally-launched its actually NOT an exact copy because the standrd off-centre connnector for generic mufflers is not the right size. so they've had to put a kink in the rear pipe to clear the opening the original, had a straight pipe, but the rear hole is somewhere in between the centre and off centre on the generic mufflers therefore the only way to make a copy is to have a custom end plate with z-specific cutout anyway,i've rung around and it seems that people don;t make custom mufflers unless they're stainless big cans and they're welded, not crimped so unless you have a big crimping machine in your garage, not going to happen